Student Organization

Reading-Writing Notebook
composition book copy

  1. Use a 100-page composition-style notebook. Note: You will use one for first semester and one for second semester.
  2. Skip the first 5 pages. Number the rest on the bottom right corners.
  3. Each new entry starts on the next right-facing page.
  4. In general, write on the right and tape handouts on the left.
  5. Date the upper right corner of each new entry.
  6. The Daily Pages Section begins at the center fold.  To save space, write on both sides. Skip a single line between each entry.  Ongoing homework is 2-3 pages of writing every week (Due Wednesdays).

    R/W Notebook Organization


    • Fly Page (leave blank)
    • Title Page (decorate to show your personality, interests, and talents)
    • Table of Contents (3 pages)


    • What Should I Write? (Writing Territories) pp. 1 – 2
    • Rules for Writing Workshop p. 3
    • Rules for Reading Workshop p. 4
    • How to Book Talk /  Someday Books p. 5
    • Books I Finished p. 6
    • Literature and Writing Terms pp. 7 – 10
    • Minilessons on Craft and Conventions pp. 11 – 45 (or the center-point of the notebook)
    • Daily Pages and First Draft Writing – Drafts, Reflections, Journals, Freewrites, Quickwrites, Experiments pp. 46 (center) to end (Paste Writing Ideas to facing page.)

    Ideas for R/W Notebook Daily Pages

    (Due Weekly)

    1. Your Writing Territories. Remember to keep adding to this list as ideas come to you. Writing territories include any genre / form of writing. Write from your heart.
    2. Daily Pages Writing Ideas
    3. Nothing to Write? Look Here!

    *Note: Many students use daily pages to work on longer pieces. You are welcome to do that. Just make sure you write at least 3 pages (250 – 300 words).

Work-in-Progress Folder (2-pocket)

Image Credit: OpenClipartVectors via Pixabay

Use a two-pocket folder to store current class work, such as—

  • Packets: Spelling / Word Study / Conventions
  • Weekly Reading Log: Due Each Friday
  • Mentor Texts and Current Assignments

Be sure to clean out WIP folder at the end of every unit.

Save Everything in Google Drive


  1. In Drive, create a folder titled Period # Last Name English 7 (EX. 4 Johnson English 7). 
  2. Share the folder link with amcmillan@sbunified. Choose “Can edit.”
  3. Keep all drafts of English assignments in this folder. Upload pictures of handwritten or illustrated work you want to save. Title all documents using this format: Period # Last Name Assignment Title (EX. 4 Johnson Argument Essay).

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