Reading & Writing Workshop


Goals: Read and keep track of progress. Practice editing dialogue, and show what you learned on the first quiz. Reflect on what you learned this week in your English Journal.


  • If your Story Structure Doc is not complete, please finish it and Request a Regrade. This is an assessment grade.
  •  The quarter ends in one week. Keep track of the pages you’ve read because you need that for your final reading assessment.
  • When you finish a Google Doc assignment, always make sure it is in your English 7  Folder and shared with Otherwise I can’t see it!

Reading & Writing Workshop

1) Read & Update #BookLove Reading Log

Click HERE for how to give a book talk.

2) Polish your storyboard:

  • Proofread the captions. Add capitals and periods.
  • Add at least two transitions (for anchor chart click HERE).
  • Make sure you have added details to the whole square. Show the setting (time and place).

3) Photograph your storyboard and upload it to your English folder in Google Drive.

Rename the file(s): Period Last Name First Name Storyboard

4) No Red Ink: Dialogue

  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2
  • Quiz 1

5) What to Do When You Are Done… See ideas on the right sidebar.

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Complete late work (storyboard, story structure, no red ink)



Random Autobiography: Revise and Proofread

typewriterDUE Today:  Draft of Random Autobiography (7 complete thoughts)

1) Take out the mentor text and your draft. Read the student example on Teen Ink.

2) Revise your draft:

Instead of sentences, make short lines.

Capitalize the beginning of each thought and put a period at the end.

Add  a few more lines. You may repeat the same sentence beginnings as the mentor text:

  • I was… 
  • I once…
  • I’ve heard…
  • I saw….
  • I’ve had…
  • I remember…
  • I think…

Add an ending. Look at the end of our mentor text for inspiration.

3) Write your final draft in ink on white paper. Proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

4) If you finish early, add a patterned border. Draw two or three images from your poem and repeat them around the edge of your paper. Add color.

Homework: Finish the final draft of the random autobiography (due tomorrow)