Wednesday, March 14: What Is Poetry?

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand Site

Click HERE for Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc

Learning Targets: Analyze the author’s craft with an animated poem. Learn and practicing using poetic terms.


  • Absent Yesterday? Check the blog, Complete Newsela: Anne Frank, Reply to My Feedback on Argument Draft
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment
  • Regrade for Written Argument (Due Tomorrow): Revise based on my feedback. Request a regrade (lower than 3).
  • Make-Up Speeches
  • Book Talks Monday 3/19


1) Starter: Golden 10 (Revising Your Argument Draft from Feedback)

Complete today’s weekly work chart. Spend 10 minutes on late work or on To do when you are done.


2) Wake-Up Wednesday


3) Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc

  • Open Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc in Google Classroom.
  • Spend some time reading what you will be doing this unit. Click the links. Look at the directions.
  • At my signal go back to the original Poetry Workshop HyperDoc.


4) Flocabulary: What Is Poetry? WATCH

  • Go to > Log in with Google > Click What Is Poetry?
  • Open the LYRICS (under video). DO NOT play the video.
  • Read along as we listen. Be prepared for a quick review.


4) Flocabulary: What Is Poetry? VOCAB

  • Complete the VOCAB flash cards. Include illustrations.
  • If you finish early, revise your argument draft  and complete the Request a Regrade form (see tabs above) or go to and work your assignments.


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Revise Argument from Feedback and Request Regrade, (Late) Finish Newsela Article: “Anne Frank”


March 7: Plan Your Speech

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand! Site

Learning Target: Modify your argument essay into speech form. Practice giving your speech with appropriate volume, pronunciation, and eye contact.


  • Absent Yesterday? Revise your argument (color-code and reflect & relate)
  • Argument Help: YouTube “Think Alouds” on Take a Stand Site
  • Take a Stand! Speeches Tomorrow
  • Book Talks Friday
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment


1) Golden 10

Open your Weekly Work Chart in Google Classroom. You have 10 minutes to work on your Golden 10. If you are done, skip to the last row.


2) Wake-Up Wednesday

Analyzing Craft: What does this speaker do well? What makes his speech effective? Consider what he says and how he says it.

Go to Socrative / ENG7RM 402. Share your response using the cognitive strategy Analyzing CraftWait to read the response of others. Vote.


3) Plan Speech & Practice

Find instructions for planning your speech on the Publish! page of the Unit 6 site. After you plan your speech, take turns giving it to a partner. Focus on speaking slowly, pronouncing each word carefully, and using eye contact.


4) Debrief and Exit


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Practice Giving Your Speech

Tuesday, January 31: Is Social Media Bad for Young People?

Goals: Read and respond to an opinion article from Newsela. Analyze the author’s craft. Add your own opinion to a class discussion.


  • Book Talks Friday 2/2
  • Missing Work (Mostly Good!): 1 Reading Log, 1 Would You Rather? (Weekly Pages 8),  1 English Journal
  • I’m Finished! Tab = If you complete a task from the “What to Do When I’m Done” list, fill out the I Finished Something form to receive credit.

1) Starter

Open the starter in Google Classroom. Answer today’s question. When you are done, choose See previous responses to see your classmates’ answers.


2) Reading Arguments: Social Media’s Effects…

Open the Unit 5: Reading Arguments HyperDoc. Read the Planning and Goal Setting task.


Read the task for Newsela Article #1. If you have not finished replying to the annotations, do that first. Today’s goal is for you to write to the prompt and take the quiz.


When you finish the Newsela quiz, go to Google Classroom and write your own opinion on the discussion post titled, “Evaluating: Is Social Media Bad for Young People?” Use evidence from the article and from your life to answer the question.

After others have responded, press See Classmates’ Answers. Write academic responses to at least two classmates.

4) What to Do When You Are Done

  • Finish Weekly Pages 9
  • Choose an activity from the What To Do When You Are Done list on the right sidebar.


5) Debrief

Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Weekly Pages 9 (Due Tomorrow), Finish Newsela Article 1 (ALL)

Wednesday, January 10: Nonfiction Connections

Outsiders Website: 

Goals: Make a connection between a topic in an nonfiction article and themes in The Outsiders


  • Absent yesterday? Make sure you turn in close reading responses to Google Classroom and your movie permission to the completed work box.
  • Some students still need to respond with “Thank you” or another question or comment in Google Classroom (Studying the Outsiders assignment). Please Turn In your responses if you are done.
  • Tomorrow in class: STAR Reading Assessment

1) Starter

Click HERE to open the starter in Google Classroom.

Wake Up Wednesday Motivational Video

WEDNESDAY (TAPPING PRIOR KNOWLEDGE): Watch the “Wake Up Wednesday” motivational video. For the starter, type one positive or motivational thing you could say to a classmate about getting through a test, a da, or a week. NOTE: You will say this out loud too.

2) Planning and Goal Setting (Think / Pair / Share)

Read today’s workshop priorities. Think about what you need to accomplish in order to finish the Outsiders project by Friday.

  • What do you need to finish today in class?
  • What do you plan on finishing after school?
  • What help do you need?

3) Workshop

Read the following checklist for today’s workshop priorities. Whatever you do not finish is homework.


4) Exit Routine

Before you leave, complete the routine outlined below:

Wednesday, November 6: Wake Up Wednesday and Outsiders Ch 6

Goals: Read Outsiders Ch. 6. Write 1 – 2 close reading responses. Practice adopting an alignment with people in a short video.


  • Substitute Tomorrow: Read Outsiders and work on close reading responses. If you are finished with the book and all 15 responses, start on the Newsela assignments or No Red Ink.
  • Apps to Download from Self Service: Google Chrome and Newsela
  • Make sure all Docs in your English folder in Drive have “offline access”

1) Starter

Click HERE to answer the starter question in Google Classroom.

2) Newsela: Outsiders Nonfiction

  • Click HERE for how to get started with Newsela.
  • Take a few minutes to log in and see the three assigned nonfiction articles. All three relate to The Outsiders. You can read them in any order. As you read, highlight and annotate with cognitive strategy responses. When you are done, write to the prompt and take the quiz.
  • When you finish the three required articles, you can earn bonus points for reading other articles in the Outsiders Text Set. Click HERE and scroll to Go Beyond for directions.

3) Outsiders Ch. 6 &  Close Reading Response

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Click HERE to open the audiobook resources in Google Classroom. You may listen and read along OR simply read.
  • Check the Find the Chapter chart to locate your place in the audiobook. If you are keeping up with the reading, you should be on Chapter 6 or beyond.
  • Use the Cognitive Strategies Booklet (see below) to help you craft high-quality responses.

3) If You Finish Early Choose One of the Following Activities:


HOMEWORK: Read Ch.6, 1 – 2 Close Reading Responses

Wednesday, November 29: The Outsiders Chapter 1

Goals: Read Outsiders Ch. 1. Respond with Planning and Goal Setting.


  • If you did not finish the Outsiders research yesterday, please complete it on your own. You can find your copy in Google Drive.
  • Congratulations! 10 Students have publish their explanatory writing (Instruction Guide to Happiness). If you have not published, points will be subtracted beginning today.

1) Starter

Click HERE to answer the starter question in Google Classroom.

Watch the “Wake-Up” Wednesday video and use the cognitive strategy Making Predictions to respond.


2) Read Outsiders Ch. 1

3) Close Reading Response

Click HERE to read about how to respond to what you read in The Outsiders.

For your own copy of the assignment, go to Google Classroom (click HERE).

4) Workshop Time

  • Finish your Instruction Guide to Happiness
  • Finish your Outsiders Research
  • Finish reading Ch. 1 or start reading and annotating your first nonfiction article in Newsela. Click HERE for directions on getting started.


Homework: Outsiders Ch. 1, Close Reading Response

Wednesday, November 15: Talk Safely Online

Goals:Understand rules for safe online messaging, and feel empowered to deal with uncomfortable situations when communicating online.


  • ABSENT YESTERDAY? Draft your instruction guide for Weekly Pages 7 (Due Tomorrow)

1) Starter

Click HERE to answer the starter question in Google Classroom.

Watch the “Wake-Up” Wednesday video and use the cognitive strategy Forming Interpretations to respond.

2) Talk Safely Online

This lesson uses the slide show embedded below. Use these slides to follow along or review what we practice in class today.

On Slide 7, there is a video on “Perspectives.” Watch that video and annotate the Safe Online Talk handout in Google Classroom. Click HERE to go to the assignment.

3) EXIT TICKET: Talk Safely Online QUIZ

You have the last 8 to 10 minutes of class to take the quiz. It will be enabled in Google Classroom at the end of this lesson.

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Complete Weekly Pages 7 (Due Tomorrow)