Wednesday, November 8: “Truth” and Happiness

Goals: Add list about what makes you happy. Read and reread the poem “Truth” and make a conclusion about the author’s message.


  • You should be DONE with first two happiness assignments.
  • Absent yesterday? Log in to and complete the first two articles.
  • Even though the reading log is not checked this week, you sill need to read every day. Next week’s reading will count double.

1) Starter

Complete the starter on Google Classroom. You will be asked to answer the following question:

2) “Wonderful Wednesday” Video: “What Makes You Happy?”

  • Open your English Journal Doc where you started a list of what makes you happy for Weekly Pages 6. Click HERE for the directions.
  • MAKING CONNECTIONS: Watch the video “What Makes You Happy?” As you watch, think about whether or not you relate to any of the experiences.
  • Add new ideas to your happiness list.

3) Read and Annotate “Truth”

First open the poem “Truth” on Google Classroom. It will be a PDF. Read the poem at least 3 times. Annotate the PDF using the tools in Google Classroom.

  • FIRST READ: Read and write a questions (Asking Questions)
  • SECOND READ: Read and choose a golden line (Analyzing Craft)
  • THIRD READ: Read your golden line out loud and listen to others’s lines. What do you notice? (Analyzing Craft)

4) “Truth”

  • Go to¬†and log in with Google.
  • Read the poem “Truth.”
  • Answer the guided question and assessment questions.

5) Finished? Choose from “What to Do When You Are Done” List

HOMEWORK: Read. Charge iPad. Finish all texts. Complete Weekly Pages 6 (150 words)