Tuesday, February 6: Expanding Summary

Goal: Summarize the article about social media in 4 different ways. Use TAG (title, author, genre) to cite source information.


  • If you were absent, read yesterday’s blog post. You are responsible for completing all assignments: read, start weekly pages 10, finish Newsela #1, complete your GV agenda
  • Thank you to those who completed last week’s assignments for Newsela #1. If you did not finish, do not move on to article #2.
  • Thank you for bringing your fully charged iPad!

1) Starter

Go to Google Classroom and open today’s starter. When you finish, click See Previous Responses. Be prepared to share your own response or someone else’s.


TUESDAY (TAPPING PRIOR KNOWLEDGE): Define the word claim (in your own words). If you do not know what the word means, look it up online. You may need to read a few definitions. Then, write what you think it means in your own words. Look for the meaning as it relates to writing.


2) Minilesson: Expanding Summary #1 and TAG


Click HERE to open the Unit 5: What Makes a Good Argument?

Read the directions for Expanding Summary #1. Take a moment to click on the links in order to see the teacher example and find the video tutorial. Decide if you want to work on paper or on the digital version.




In Part 4, you are asked to give the source information. One way trick is to use TAG (title, author, genre). See the graphic below for an example of how to use TAG:


Copy the TAG sentence on to Part 4 of your own Expanding Summary.

Your goal to day is to complete the expanding summary either on paper or on Google Classroom. Turn in your finished work to Google Classroom.


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Click HERE to open the video tutorial in a new tab.


3) Workshop


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Weekly Pages 10, Finish and Turn in Expanding Summary #1, Start Newsela Article #2

Tuesday, January 30: What Makes a Good Argument?

Goals: Read and annotate an opinion article from Newsela. Analyze the author’s craft.


  • Book Talks Friday 2/2
  • Missing Work (Mostly Good!): 1 Reading Log, 1 Would You Rather? (Weekly Pages 8), 2 Speeches, 1 English Journal
  • Scoring for #Book Love Reading Log = You earn full credit if you provide evidence of reading 30 minutes daily (including weekends) and if you are prepared with your book on Mondays and Fridays.
  • I’m Finish! Tab = If you complete a task from the “What to Do When I’m Done” list, fill out the I Finished Something form to receive credit.
  • Loved The OutsidersClick HERE for what to read next.

1) Starter

Open the starter in Google Classroom. Answer today’s question. When you are done, choose See previous responses to see your classmates’ answers.



2) Make-Up Would You Rather? Speeches


3) Two Truth and a Lie


4) What Makes a Good Argument?

Open the Unit 5: Reading Arguments HyperDoc. Read the Planning and Goal Setting task.


Read the task for Newsela Article #1. Your goal today is to read the article and respond to the annotations. This will require you to analyze the author’s craft.


4) What to Do When You Are Done

If you finish all of the Newsela annotations you may (choose one)—

  • Press Open Activities in Newsela to write to the prompt and take the quiz.
  • Choose an activity from the What To Do When You Are Done list on the right sidebar.

Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Weekly Pages 9 (Due Thursday), Finish Newsela Article 1 Annotations