Story Structure & Theme

Goal: Add a theme to the story spine you wrote yesterday. Practice dialogue quotes and colon quotes in order to include them in your narratives.


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Writer’s Workshop

1) Story Structure: Revise Ex. 1 Part C

  • Go to Drive and open your Story Structure Doc.
  • Review exercise 1, Part C. Revise and edit.



2) Story Structure Ex. 2: THEME

  • After you watch the video, work on Ex. 2 Parts A, B, & C.


Teacher example of story spine with moral

3) No Red Ink Assignment #2: Dialogue Quotes and Flow Quotes

  • Log in to Make sure you log in with Google.
  • Press the Home tab to see your assignments. If you have late assignments, complete them first (see below).
  • If you finish early, press Practice to work on mastery of another topic.

No Red Ink Home Screen


Homework: Finish Story Structure Ex. 2, Read, Charge iPad



Read, Motivational Monday, & Pixar Story Spines

Goals: Read. Respond to a short video about learning. Use Pixar’s story spine to write a narrative.


  • If you did not finish the learning log from Friday, please finish it today. I will not regrade after today.
  • No weekly pages this week or next week. Concentrate on writing your narrative.
  • Google Classroom Update: You will still use the app to GET assignments. Just don’t use the turn in feature.

1) Read

2) Record this week’s assignments in your agenda.

Click HERE or click the Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.

3) Motivational Monday: Everyone Can Learn

Pair Share: Respond to the video with one of the following cognitive strategies:

  • Summarizing: The key information is…
  • ReflectingRelating: A conclusion I’m drawing is… OR The big idea is…

4) Story Structure by Pixar & Kahn Academy (Ex. 1)

  • After watching the video, open the assignment in Google Classroom (click HERE.)
  • Type your answers on Google Docs, not the PDF version.
  • DO NOT TURN IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM. There is a glitch. Don’t worry, I can still see your work.
  • Finish Exercise 1 today.

Homework: Story Structure Ex. 1,Read, Charge iPad, Revise Learning Log if Needed