We Are All Story Tellers: Adding Sensory Details


Goal: Revise the memory you wrote Monday in order to include sensory details (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), dialogue, and exact thoughts.

1) Agenda

Click HERE to open this week’s assignments. Record the changes in your agenda.

2) Announcements

  • Please use Drive to access your assignments. TURN IN to Google Classroom.
  • Absent Monday or Tuesday? Find We Are All Storytellers in Google Classroom. Complete Exercise 1.
  • Forgot Your iPad? Date the entry in your R/W Notebook and write everything we do in the notebook. Otherwise you earn 0 points!
  • Back to School Night Tomorrow: Give your schedule to your parents.

3) REVISEWe Are All Storytellers (L. 1, Ex. 1)

  • Open We Are All Storytellers in Google Drive.
  • Scroll to Part C.
  • Revise what you wrote on Monday. Help your reader visualize what happened.
  • Make Sure your Doc is inside your English folder so Ms. McMillan can see your progress.

Add sensory details

4) Weekly Pages 3 (English Journal Doc)

OPTIONAL: Paste your revised writing from Storytellers L. 1 Ex. 2 (Part C) for Weekly Pages 3.

  • Copy (Command C) the revised memory from Part C (see above).
  • Open your English Journal (Google Drive).
  • On  Top: Type the date (align left) and the title “Weekly Pages 3” (align center).
  • Paste (Command V) your memory (align left).
  • Make Sure your Doc is inside your English folder so Ms. McMillan can see your progress.


HomeworkRead, Charge iPad, Weekly Pages 3

Random Autobiography: Revise and Proofread

typewriterDUE Today:  Draft of Random Autobiography (7 complete thoughts)

1) Take out the mentor text and your draft. Read the student example on Teen Ink.

2) Revise your draft:

Instead of sentences, make short lines.

Capitalize the beginning of each thought and put a period at the end.

Add  a few more lines. You may repeat the same sentence beginnings as the mentor text:

  • I was… 
  • I once…
  • I’ve heard…
  • I saw….
  • I’ve had…
  • I remember…
  • I think…

Add an ending. Look at the end of our mentor text for inspiration.

3) Write your final draft in ink on white paper. Proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

4) If you finish early, add a patterned border. Draw two or three images from your poem and repeat them around the edge of your paper. Add color.

Homework: Finish the final draft of the random autobiography (due tomorrow)