Tuesday, March 13: Revising from Feedback

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand Site

Learning Targets: Read the teacher feedback about your written argument (in Google Classroom). Make changes to your draft and Request a Regrade. Read an article about Anne Frank in preparation for tomorrow’s assembly.


  • Absent Yesterday? Check the blog, renew or Checkout Library Books, complete agenda
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment
  • Regrade for Written Argument: Revise based on my feedback. Request a regrade (lower than 3).
  • Make-Up Speeches: Dominick, Noah, Jason
  • Book Talks Monday 3/19


1) Starter: Golden 10 (Revising Your Argument Draft from Feedback)

Complete today’s weekly work chart. Spend 10 minutes on late work or on To do when you are done.

Revising Meaning

Most students spend the Golden 10 revising the argument draft from my feedback. To see my comments, click on the assignment titled Argument Draft in Google Classroom.

Notice I have recorded STRENGTHS & STRETCHES. Strengths are what you did well. Stretches are things for you to improve in order to make your argument better.


After you read your feedback, please reply back with a question or comment.


After you revise your draft, complete the Request a Regrade form.


2) Newsela: “Anne Frank”

In preparation for tomorrow’s assembly, read the Newsela article assigned to you about Anne Frank. Click HERE for the article. Be sure to sign in with Google.

After you read, complete the writing activity and take the quiz.


3) Debrief & Exit Routine


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Revise Your Argument Draft (Due Thursday), Finish Newsela: Anne Frank (Quiz and Write)


Tuesday, March 6: Revise Your Draft

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand Site

Learning Targets: Analyze your argument draft: How much evidence do you have? Do you have enough reasoning and elaboration? Have you minimized summary?


  • Absent Yesterday? Read yesterday’s blog, especially about how to write a counterargument
  • Argument YouTube “Think Alouds”→ Look on the Writing page of the Unit 6 website or on the Draft Your Argument assignment on G Classroom.
  • Book Talks This Week
  • QUIZ: ArgumentYour Highest Grade is in NEO
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment


1) Starter: Golden 10

Complete today’s weekly work chart. Spend 10 minutes on late work or on To do when you are done.


2) Revise & Reflect (Assessment Grade)

Revising Meaning

Click HERE to go to the Revise page on the Unit 6 website.

Watch this video tutorial:


After you color-code your essay, complete the Reflecting & Relating form. Go to the Reflecting & Relating assignment in Google Classroom or click HERE. NOTE: This is an assessment grade.


3) Workshop Time

Catch Up on Unit 6: Take a Stand.

If you finish the Revise assignment, turn in your draft to Google Classroom.


4) Debrief & Exit Routine


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Color-Code and Revise


Monday, November 27: Reading Workshop & Revise from Feedback

Open book and reading workshop text

Goals: Read. Participate in book talks. Respond to feedback on your instruction guide draft.


  • We start a new unit tomorrow: Unit 4 The Outsiders
  • On Finishing Unit 3 Explanatory Writing (Instruction Guide): Your completed draft was due Friday before break. Some students did not finish. This is now homework for you until you finish. After Wed. 11/29, late writing will earn partial credit.
  • Meet in the library tomorrow. Bring the book(s) you checked out last time to renew or turn in. Bring your ID for a faster checkout.

1) Read

2) Book Talks

As you listen, keep track of what you hear on your Next Reads list (in Notes). Sign up for a book talk (right sidebar).

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk

3) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the month view, click HERE.

Agenda Nov. 27

4) Revise from Feedback

  • Click HERE to go to the How to Be Happy When… assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Reread the steps on the Road Map. What do you still need to complete?
  • Find the feedback to your draft (in Google Classroom). Reply back to what I wrote: Say thank you and explain what you plan to revise or complete. If you have a question, write it here.
  • Open your own Instruction Guide (in Drive). If you want, open it in split screen so you can still see the feedback.
  • You have the rest of class to revise, polish, and publish the guide. If you already published on Friday, there is no need to share your link again. Your revisions will automatically appear.

5) Exit Ticket: Socrative

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Charge iPad. Revise, Proofread, & Publish Instruction Guide (DUE Wed.). Bring Book(s)/ID to Library Tomorrow.

We Are All Story Tellers: Adding Sensory Details


Goal: Revise the memory you wrote Monday in order to include sensory details (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), dialogue, and exact thoughts.

1) Agenda

Click HERE to open this week’s assignments. Record the changes in your agenda.

2) Announcements

  • Please use Drive to access your assignments. TURN IN to Google Classroom.
  • Absent Monday or Tuesday? Find We Are All Storytellers in Google Classroom. Complete Exercise 1.
  • Forgot Your iPad? Date the entry in your R/W Notebook and write everything we do in the notebook. Otherwise you earn 0 points!
  • Back to School Night Tomorrow: Give your schedule to your parents.

3) REVISEWe Are All Storytellers (L. 1, Ex. 1)

  • Open We Are All Storytellers in Google Drive.
  • Scroll to Part C.
  • Revise what you wrote on Monday. Help your reader visualize what happened.
  • Make Sure your Doc is inside your English folder so Ms. McMillan can see your progress.

Add sensory details

4) Weekly Pages 3 (English Journal Doc)

OPTIONAL: Paste your revised writing from Storytellers L. 1 Ex. 2 (Part C) for Weekly Pages 3.

  • Copy (Command C) the revised memory from Part C (see above).
  • Open your English Journal (Google Drive).
  • On  Top: Type the date (align left) and the title “Weekly Pages 3” (align center).
  • Paste (Command V) your memory (align left).
  • Make Sure your Doc is inside your English folder so Ms. McMillan can see your progress.


HomeworkRead, Charge iPad, Weekly Pages 3

Random Autobiography: Revise and Proofread

typewriterDUE Today:  Draft of Random Autobiography (7 complete thoughts)

1) Take out the mentor text and your draft. Read the student example on Teen Ink.

2) Revise your draft:

Instead of sentences, make short lines.

Capitalize the beginning of each thought and put a period at the end.

Add  a few more lines. You may repeat the same sentence beginnings as the mentor text:

  • I was… 
  • I once…
  • I’ve heard…
  • I saw….
  • I’ve had…
  • I remember…
  • I think…

Add an ending. Look at the end of our mentor text for inspiration.

3) Write your final draft in ink on white paper. Proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

4) If you finish early, add a patterned border. Draw two or three images from your poem and repeat them around the edge of your paper. Add color.

Homework: Finish the final draft of the random autobiography (due tomorrow)