Friday, November 3: Reading Workshop & Happiness Text #1

Open book and reading workshop text

Goals: Read. Track progress. Participate in book talks. Read and annotate an article about happiness. Take notes on the definitions of happiness.


– Sign up for book talks (on class blog)
– Class preparation = bring book, bring iPad, bring pen or pencil, r/w notebook stored here.
– Narrative grades: You are encouraged to revise and request a regrade.
– Absent yesterday? Download Destiny app and browse. Return / renew / checkout library books.

1) Read & Update #BookLove Reading Log (See teacher example linked HERE)

  • Open your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.
  • Update the pages you read this week.
  • If you finished a book, update the blue columns.


Reading Log Example

2) Book Talks: Kimberly & Isabella

  • As you listen, keep track of what you hear on your Next Reads list (in Notes).
  • Sign up for a book talk (right sidebar).

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk


3) “Study: High Incomes Don’t Bring You Happiness”

  • Go to or click HERE.
  • Press log in.
  • Choose Google and sign in with school Google Account.
  • Add to your home screen–> In Safari, press the 3 dots. Choose share button (square with arrow). +Add to home screen.
  • Click the assignment that is due today: “Study: High Incomes Don’t Bring You Happiness.”
  • Read the directions at the top and get started!

NOTE: As you read, take notes on the different definitions of happiness that exist and how they are affected by money. Type the definitions on the “Happiness Graphic Organizer” assignment available in Google Classroom. We will use that organizer for the next two weeks to keep track of what we read.

happiness organizer

Homework: Read. Bring book Monday. Charge iPad.

Friday, October 27, 2017: Read & Monster Experiment Part 1

Goals: Read and track progress. Use sensory details to show not tell.


  • Check the Publish Your Narrative assignment in NEO. Did you turn it in? Did you submit a LINK not a file? Did you turn in the right version? Did you write a 2 sentence reflection about your writing?



  • Sign up for a book talk (right sidebar).
  • Absent yesterday? Turn in the paper copy of Revise and Publish in 5 Steps. Turn in Narrative to NEO (Publish Your Narrative).

Reading Workshop

1) Read.

2) Update Reading Log.

Open #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.

Update your reading for the week.

3) Participate Book Talks and Update My Next Reads.

Go to your “Next Reads”list in the Notes app. Write down the titles of books you might want to read next.

If you want to give a book talk, sign up on the form linked on the right sidebar.

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk


Writing Workshop

 4) Complete Monster Experiment Part 1.

Click HERE to see the Monster Experiment handout.

Click HERE for a sensory details word list. You should also have this in your English folder.

Click HERE to see my example.

Use descriptive language and sensory details to complete Monster Sheet #1.

On Monday you will draw your monster based on your description.

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad.


Monday, October 23: Reading Workshop & Motivational Monday

Open book and reading workshop text

Goals: Read. Listen to or participate in book talks. Analyze the author’s craft of a Motivational Monday video. Watch a video / listen to a song explaining sensory details.


  • New seats Thursday: If you have a preference, send me a message via NEO or email.
  • Check your NEO grades today for Quarter 1 grades. Grades from Quarter 1 continue in Quarter 2. The semester ends Jan. 19.
  • Absent last week? Read the blog entries. Update your reading log, complete the Reading Ladder Reflection. Complete the Draft Your Narrative assignment from Google Classroom.
  • Substitute tomorrow = PAT time Thursday

Reading & Writing Workshop

1) Read

2) Book Talks: Erik, Isabella, Kimberly

If you hear something you like, jot it down in your My Next Reads list in Notes.

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk

3) Agenda & Announcements

Copy this week’s assignments in to your agenda. You may also see the month view by clicking Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.

4) Motivational Monday: A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

As you watch the video, use the cognitive strategy Analyzing Craft to choose a “golden line.”

Share your response with your elbow partner. Be prepared to share with the class.

  • A special line or phrase for me is…
  • This word/phrase stands out for me because…
  • I like how the author uses ___ to show…

5) Log in to Using Descriptive Language

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Bring Ear Buds.

Friday, October 20: Reading Workshop & Read Narrative Feedback

Open book and reading workshop text

Goals: Read. Track reading progress. Read teacher feedback for narrative draft 1.


  • Raffle: End of period
  • PAT Time: Last 25 minutes if you have completed Draft Your Narrative and Reading Ladder Reflection
  • Absent this week? 1) Reading Ladder Reflection 2) Draft Your Narrative

Reading & Writing Workshop

1) Read (10 minutes). 

2) Update Reading Log.

Open your #BookLove Reading Log. Note the title, the page you are on today, and what is happening in that part. If you finished your book, note the total pages.



Teacher example of reading log


3) Book Talk / My Next Reads List

Listen to a book talk. Add to your next reads list if that sounds good.

See how to give a book talk below:

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk

4) Narrative Feedback

  • Open Google Classroom.
  • Click on Draft Your Narrative.
  • Read my feedback to you about your writing so far.  You will see something you did well and something to improve.
  • Open the rubric for small assignments. This is the scoring guide for first drafts.
  • We are writing draft 2 next week.

5) PAT Time

If you have not finished Draft Your Narrative or the Reading Ladder Reflection, complete those items first.

Homework: Read. Charge iPad. Late Work–> Draft your Narrative or Reading Ladder Reflection




Thursday, October 19: Reading Ladder Reflection

Bookshelf with ReadGoals: Track your reading progress so far this quarter. Write specific goals for next quarter.


  • Narratives Due YesterdayIf you are not done, you need to complete yours as soon as possible for partial credit.
  • PAT Time Tomorrow: Thank you for your respectful behavior with the substitute on Tuesday and with our career day speakers.

Reading Workshop

1) Reading Ladder Reflection

  • Open your #BookLove Reading Log in Drive.
  • Scroll to the Reading Ladder Reflection for Quarter 1
  • For Challenge Yourself, list only books you finished.
  • For Find Your Reading Rate, use all the pages you read, even if you did not finish the book.
  • In the set goals section, make sure you answer all questions, and include 2 or 3 Goals for Potential Readers (click the link to open).


(Click HERE to open in a new window.)

Reading Ladder Reflection

2) Finish Drafting Your Narrative (if you are not done).

  • Open Draft Your Narrative in Google Drive.
  • Use your Storyboard to give you ideas.
  • You must have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • The length requirement is 350 – 550 words.

3) What to Do When You Are Done (See the right sidebar for ideas.)

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Finish Your Reading Ladder Reflection. Finish Narrative Draft (Late). Bring Your Book Tomorrow!

Reading & Writing Workshop


Goals: Read and keep track of progress. Practice editing dialogue, and show what you learned on the first quiz. Reflect on what you learned this week in your English Journal.


  • If your Story Structure Doc is not complete, please finish it and Request a Regrade. This is an assessment grade.
  •  The quarter ends in one week. Keep track of the pages you’ve read because you need that for your final reading assessment.
  • When you finish a Google Doc assignment, always make sure it is in your English 7  Folder and shared with Otherwise I can’t see it!

Reading & Writing Workshop

1) Read & Update #BookLove Reading Log

Click HERE for how to give a book talk.

2) Polish your storyboard:

  • Proofread the captions. Add capitals and periods.
  • Add at least two transitions (for anchor chart click HERE).
  • Make sure you have added details to the whole square. Show the setting (time and place).

3) Photograph your storyboard and upload it to your English folder in Google Drive.

Rename the file(s): Period Last Name First Name Storyboard

4) No Red Ink: Dialogue

  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2
  • Quiz 1

5) What to Do When You Are Done… See ideas on the right sidebar.

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Complete late work (storyboard, story structure, no red ink)


Reading Workshop + Finish “What Do Fish…?”

This Dog Knows How to Participate in a Reading Workshop.

Goal: Read. Keep track of your progress. Use cognitive strategies to comprehend, analyze, and reflect.

1) Announcements

  • Thank you for your scholarly behavior in the library yesterday.
  • Did you turn in your library catalog work? Check NEO for credit.
  • Did you turn in your Weekly Pages to Google Classroom? Check NEO for credit.
  • We start our new unit on Monday: The Art of Storytelling. Please bring ear buds if you have them.
  • Raffle

2) Read

3) #BookLove Reading Log for 9/22 

  • Find your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.
  • Update it for this week (9/22).
  • Open Google Classroom and #BookLove Reading Log for 9/22 (or click the link).
  • Press Add attachment and select your reading log.
  • Turn in.


4) “What Do Fish” Cognitive Strategy Launch 

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Open YOUR “What Do Fish…?” Google Doc.
  • Continue reading where we left off yesterday.
  • Use cognitive strategies to respond to the story in each WHITE box.
  • Turn in  to Google Classroom.

Homework: Read 30  minutes daily. Charge your iPad.