Reading Workshop, Sharing Characters & Worlds, Learning Log

Goals: Read. Keep track of your reading progress. Share your character & world idea. Summarize and reflect on your learning about “The Art of Storytelling” and Dialogue or Flow quotes. 


  • You should be 100% done with “We Are All Storytellers.” If you finish late, please complete the request a regrade form (tab on the upper right).
  • You should be 100% done with No Red Ink Assignment #1. If you finish late, please complete the request a regrade form (tab on the upper right).
  • DO NOT TURN IN ASSIGNMENTS TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE). Just make sure they are in your English 7 / Google Drive folder which is shared with

1) Read

2) #BookLove Reading Log

  • Open your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive. Make sure the best reading log is in your English 7 folder. Remove old versions.
  • Update your reading for today (10/6).
  • Press share to make sure it has been shared with
  • If you finish a book complete the blue shaded section. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Reading Log Entry for 10/6


3) Share Best “What If” from We Are All Storytellers, Ex. 4

  • Open We Are All Storytellers Doc. Scroll to Exercise 4, Part C.
  • Read over your What If? story idea and revise if needed.
  • Share your idea with your small group.


4) Learning Log–English Journal

  1. Review your learning for the week. This includes “We Are All Storytellers” and No Red Ink: Dialogue and Flow Quotes.
  2. In your English Journal, summarize and reflect on what you learned this week.
  3. REMINDERS: Start on the top of your English Journal Doc. Type the date (left) and title (center).
  4. Use at least two cognitive strategies:

Learning Log Cognitive Strategies



Learning Log Example


Homework: Read. Charge iPad. Bring earbuds. 

Reading Workshop & We Are All Storytellers Ex. 2 (Your Favorite Films)

Here is our reading dog AGAIN. That dog is focused.

Goal: Read. Keep track of your progress. Adopt an alignment with a character in a favorite film.


  • Raffle (end of class)
  • Share English 7/McMillan folder in Drive with Start all assignments from that folder.
  • Check NEO grade. If you are missing an assignment, please complete it and send an email or NEO message to me. You will receive full credit.
  • If you were absent yesterday, please read the blog entry from yesterday (9/28). Complete each assignment.
  • Complete the No Red Ink Diagnostic assignment (if you have not).

1) Read

2) Complete #BookLove Reading Log for 9/29

  • Find your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.
  • Update it for this week (9/29).
  • Make sure it is inside your English7 folder
  • Make sure your English 7 folder is shared with

EXAMPLE #BookLove Reading Log 8.35.40 AM

4) We Are All Storytellers Exercise 2

  • Open your We Are All Storytellers Doc from Google Drive.
  • Scroll to exercise 2.
  • Watch the video and complete part A.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Charge your iPad. Bring Your Book and Ear Buds on Monday.

Friday Reading Workshop

Goal: Read. Participate in a book conference. Complete your weekly reading Log. Finish using cognitive strategies from “Before You Read.”

1) Read

2) #BookLove Reading Log

After reading time, click HERE to open the Reading Log assignment in Google Classroom.

3) “What Do Fish…?” Before Reading

Review, Revise, and Perfect the Before Reading: Easy as 1-2-3 section. Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom. Turn it in for an assessment grade.

Homework: Read, Charge iPad


Reading Workshop

Read in Scrabble Letters

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Youngson

Goal: Read independently. Conference with me about your book. Keep track of your progress.

1) Read your book for fifteen minutes.

2) Sign up for Google Classroom.


3) In Google Classroom: Answer the question posted in the stream. Read your classmate’s answers.

4) In Google Classroom:  #BookLove Reading Log and Reflection 

When you open the #BookLove attachment, it will automatically make a copy for you to edit. Type your reading for last week and this week. If you finished your book, write the date you finished and the total pages in the book.


When you finish the rows for 9/1 and 9/8, turn in your completed reading log to Google Classroom.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily & bring your book