Last Week! June 4 – 7


Click HERE for the Unit 10: Digital Portfolio HyperDoc

Goals: Finish all elements of your digital writing portfolio. Polish, publish, and turn it in.


  • Book Talks: Last Chance!
  • iPad Return: 100% Thank you!
  • Digital Portfolio Project Due Wednesday, June 6
  • Last Day to Turn in Late Work: June 6–Request a Regrade or I’m Finished Form



Time: 11:15 -11:35: Digital Portfolios; 11:35-11:45 iPad Return; 11:45-12:10 Digital Portfolios; 12:10 Yearbook Distribution

#072 Digital Portfolio: Finish all Reflections

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.18.39 PM

#077 Exit Ticket in Google Classroom–What do you still need to complete on your portfolio? What questions do you have? What kind of support do you need?



#072 Digital Portfolio: Dear Reader

dear reader

Optional Additions

Optional Additions



#072 Digital Portfolio: Polish, Publish, and Turn in (in Google Classroom)

Read each other’s work and respond with positive feedback.

Publish Your Digital Portfolio

Open the #072 Publish Your Portfolio Doc in Google Classroom



Community Circle and Goodbyes

Thursday, April 26: #ThoughtfulThursday & Poetry Workshop

Goals: Watch a animated video of a poem. Analyze craft and form an evidence-supported interpretation. Revise your visible poem and write two supportive, academic comments to other students.


  • Performance Task day 2 tomorrow
  • Book talks for tomorrow and next Friday (May 4)


1.#052 Starter #ThoughtfulThursday Video

Open the #052 Starter in Google Classroom.

The #052 Starter has two questions. Watch the video twice and answer one part after each viewing.

  1. ANALYZING CRAFT: A golden line for me is…
  2. FORMING INTERPRETATIONS: The idea I’m getting is… OR What this means to me is…

Support your interpretation with evidence from the video.

When you finish, press See previous responses to read what your classmates wrote.

3. #022 Poetry Workshop

Open the #o22 Poetry Workshop in Google Classroom.

Reread the directions. Open the Poetry Workshop HyperDoc and reread the Publish section. Revise your poem, add two comments to other students, and MARK AS DONE. If you have time, complete the EXTEND activity.


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Finish Poetry Workshop

Friday, March 23: Polish for Publication

Click HERE for Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc

Learning Targets: Read. Update your reading log (track your progress). Polish your poem for publication.


  • Absent Yesterday? Read the blog. Reading Ladder Reflection and MARK AS DONE
  • April SBAC Testing & practice
  • Keep on Reading!


1) Read and Update #BookLove Reading Log

Read for 15 minutes and update this week’s reading log. Click

EXAMPLE for 3/23


Proofread your #029 Quarter 3 Reading Ladder Reflection. Be sure to include at least one of the Potential Goals for Readers.  Make sure you MARK AS DONE in Google Classroom.


EXAMPLE QTR 3 Reading Ladder Reflection


Participate in Book Talks. If you are listening, write books titles on your My Next Reads list in Notes.

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk


2) Minilesson: Polish Your Poem

ANALYZING CRAFT: Study the my example for the #VisiblePoem publication. What do you notice?

Use the example (or mentor text) to proofread and polish your own poem.


3) Workshop Time

Here are your priorities for today’s workshop time. Please MARK AS DONE in Google Classroom as you finish each one.


Homework: Read, Charge iPad

Wednesday, March 21: Publish Your #VisiblePoem

Click HERE for Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc

Learning Targets: Publish one of your free verse poems. Include an original or “free to use” image to help readers visualize.


  • Absent Yesterday? Read the blog. Create Free Verse Poems for Weekly Pages 12.
  • Quarter 3 Reading Ladder Reflection: Tomorrow
  • New Personal Learning Routine: All assignments are in G Classroom. Start in G Classroom every day. Read the directions. Press MARK AS DONE or Turn In for everything.
  • Friday 3/23 Book Talks


1)#024 Starter: Golden 10 

Open Google Classroom and assignment #024 Golden 10: Weekly Work Chart.

Read the directions.

Spend 10 minutes on late work or “To do if I have time…”


2) #028 Wake-Up Wednesday Video

Open the Google Classroom assignment #028 Wake-Up Wednesday to type your response to the Favorite Poem Project Video: “Caminante, no hay camino.”

WUW 3:21


3) #022 Poetry Workshop HyperDoc: Publish

Open #022 Poetry Workshop in Google Classroom.

Open the link to the Poetry Workshop HyperDoc.

Scroll to Publish and read the directions. Watch the video tutorials (on the #VisiblePoem Slide Deck) to get started.

The YouTube Playlist below contains 3 videos about how to make your #VisiblePoem:


4) #030 Debrief & Exit Routine


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Weekly Pages 12, Books I Finished

Thursday, October 26: Publish Your Narrative!

Minions and Publish

Goal: Complete a final proofread. Turn in your draft.


  • DUE TODAY: Revise and Publish (Steps 1 – 4)
  • Missing / Incomplete Work (Narratives, Flocabulary: Using Descriptive Language, Reading Log): Send a message via NEO or email or if the assignment has been graded, complete the  Request a Regrade form (upper right).
  • Absent Yesterday? Revise and Publish in 5 Steps
  • New Seats Today

Writing Workshop

1) Get Organized

  • Take out English folder with Revise and Publish in 5 StepsRevise & Publish in 5 Steps
  • Make sure Sensory Detail Words handout is secured in the brads. You will need this later.
  • Open your Narrative draft in Google Drive.


2) Final Proofread

Reread the directions for Revise and Publish Step 4. Complete one last final proofread before you publish this draft. It must be as error free as possible.


3) Publish Your Narrative to NEO & Write a 2-Sentence Reflection

Watch this video with the steps for turning in your narrative:

Before you press Save and Submit, write a two-sentence reflection with one strength and one “stretch”:

  • One thing I did well is…
  • I am still working on… / I am confused about…


4) PAT Time

PAT Time Choices


Homework: Read (Bring Book Tomorrow). Charge iPad. LATE: Narrative / Flocabulary