Thursday, May 24: Work Time or PAT

Goals: Analyze the craft of a speech. Evaluate responses (vote). Catch up on late work or enjoy preferred activity time.


  • Return Among the Hidden today. Take a photo of a page if you still need #066 Voice Actors Wanted!
  • All library books due May 25.
  • iPad return June 4–To purchase iPad go to
  • Digital Portfolio project due June 6
  • Book Talks Tomorrow


1) #071 Starter–Thoughtful Thursday



2) Work Time or PAT


Homework: Charge iPad, Bring all library books to turn in

Friday, April 13: #BookLove & PAT Time

Goals: Read. Track your progress. Participate in Book Talks.


  • Late Work: #044 Weekly Pages 14 (Request a Regrade) &  #043 (Request a Regrade)
  • STAR Test on Monday
  • Quarter 4 Book Talks–>#048 in Google Classroom.
  • #YouCanLearnAnything Starter–>Click HERE to some 4.o responses.


1. Read, #049 #Book Love Reading Log, & Book Talks

Read for 15 minutes.

Complete your #049 #BookLove Reading Log. MARK AS DONE in Google Classroom.



Participate in book talks by giving a talk or by jotting ideas on your My Next Reads list.

See the graphics below for how to give a book talk and for how you will earn points.



2. PAT

If you completed the activities for #043–Watch Out: Cell Phones Can Be Addictive, you have earned a PAT (Preferred Activity Time). Thank you for your respectful behavior with the substitute.

NOTE: Some students still need to complete #044 Weekly Pages 14 about the same article. I recommend you complete that assignment before you start your PAT.


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, SBAC Testing Begins Monday (Go to Sleep Early & Eat Breakfast)

Monday, March 19: Rhyme and Show What You Know

Click HERE for Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc

Learning Targets: Read. Participate in book talks. Write a rhyming poem showing your understanding of poetry terms. If you are done, enjoy preferred activity time.


  • Absent Last Week: Check the blog, Complete #BookLove Reading Log, Complete Flocabulary: What Is Poetry?
  • Finish Argument Draft (Late)
  • Make-Up Speeches
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment
  • Flocabulary Poetry Quiz: Restudy and request a regrade (below 80% or below 3 on NEO).
  • Quarter 3 Reading Ladder Reflection: Thursday–Complete Books I Finished column


1) Read


2) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the full month view and active links, click Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.


3) Flocabulary: What Is Poetry? OR PAT

Click HERE to go to the Poetry Workshop HyperDoc.

Finish the following parts: Connect, Learn, and Create Rhyming Poem.

When you create your rhyming poem on Flocabulary, be sure to use at least 4 or 5 poetic terms. Show you understand the meaning of the words.

NOTE: If you earned below 80% on the Flocabulary: What Is Poetry Quiz (or below a 3 on NEO), study again and request a retake.

If you are finished with all parts, enjoy your PAT.



4) Exit & Debrief

What is your progress on the book you are reading?

To answer the question, to Google Classroom and open #025 Exit Ticket.


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Finish Flocabulary: What Is Poetry?

Tuesday, February 27: Monitoring Progress on Argumentative Writing

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand Site

Learning Targets: Monitor your own progress. Set goals for success.


  • Absent Yesterday? Read yesterday’s blog for details on Flocabulary
  • Book Talks Friday 3/2


1) Starter: Golden 10

Complete today’s weekly work chart. Spend 10 minutes on late work or on To do when you are done.


2) Monitor and Discuss

Go to the Google Classroom assignment titled MONITOR & DISCUSS.

Study the Why Workshop? slide presentationn

Answer the questions in Google Classroom. Respond to at least two classmates.


3) Workshop or PAT

Some of you will use this time to catch up Unit 6: Take a Stand. See your Weekly Work Chart in Google Classroom.


4) Debrief & Exit Routine


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, LATE Argument Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4


Thursday, October 26: Publish Your Narrative!

Minions and Publish

Goal: Complete a final proofread. Turn in your draft.


  • DUE TODAY: Revise and Publish (Steps 1 – 4)
  • Missing / Incomplete Work (Narratives, Flocabulary: Using Descriptive Language, Reading Log): Send a message via NEO or email or if the assignment has been graded, complete the  Request a Regrade form (upper right).
  • Absent Yesterday? Revise and Publish in 5 Steps
  • New Seats Today

Writing Workshop

1) Get Organized

  • Take out English folder with Revise and Publish in 5 StepsRevise & Publish in 5 Steps
  • Make sure Sensory Detail Words handout is secured in the brads. You will need this later.
  • Open your Narrative draft in Google Drive.


2) Final Proofread

Reread the directions for Revise and Publish Step 4. Complete one last final proofread before you publish this draft. It must be as error free as possible.


3) Publish Your Narrative to NEO & Write a 2-Sentence Reflection

Watch this video with the steps for turning in your narrative:

Before you press Save and Submit, write a two-sentence reflection with one strength and one “stretch”:

  • One thing I did well is…
  • I am still working on… / I am confused about…


4) PAT Time

PAT Time Choices


Homework: Read (Bring Book Tomorrow). Charge iPad. LATE: Narrative / Flocabulary

Friday, October 20: Reading Workshop & Read Narrative Feedback

Open book and reading workshop text

Goals: Read. Track reading progress. Read teacher feedback for narrative draft 1.


  • Raffle: End of period
  • PAT Time: Last 25 minutes if you have completed Draft Your Narrative and Reading Ladder Reflection
  • Absent this week? 1) Reading Ladder Reflection 2) Draft Your Narrative

Reading & Writing Workshop

1) Read (10 minutes). 

2) Update Reading Log.

Open your #BookLove Reading Log. Note the title, the page you are on today, and what is happening in that part. If you finished your book, note the total pages.



Teacher example of reading log


3) Book Talk / My Next Reads List

Listen to a book talk. Add to your next reads list if that sounds good.

See how to give a book talk below:

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk

4) Narrative Feedback

  • Open Google Classroom.
  • Click on Draft Your Narrative.
  • Read my feedback to you about your writing so far.  You will see something you did well and something to improve.
  • Open the rubric for small assignments. This is the scoring guide for first drafts.
  • We are writing draft 2 next week.

5) PAT Time

If you have not finished Draft Your Narrative or the Reading Ladder Reflection, complete those items first.

Homework: Read. Charge iPad. Late Work–> Draft your Narrative or Reading Ladder Reflection