Reading & Writing Workshop


Goals: Read and keep track of progress. Practice editing dialogue, and show what you learned on the first quiz. Reflect on what you learned this week in your English Journal.


  • If your Story Structure Doc is not complete, please finish it and Request a Regrade. This is an assessment grade.
  •  The quarter ends in one week. Keep track of the pages you’ve read because you need that for your final reading assessment.
  • When you finish a Google Doc assignment, always make sure it is in your English 7  Folder and shared with Otherwise I can’t see it!

Reading & Writing Workshop

1) Read & Update #BookLove Reading Log

Click HERE for how to give a book talk.

2) Polish your storyboard:

  • Proofread the captions. Add capitals and periods.
  • Add at least two transitions (for anchor chart click HERE).
  • Make sure you have added details to the whole square. Show the setting (time and place).

3) Photograph your storyboard and upload it to your English folder in Google Drive.

Rename the file(s): Period Last Name First Name Storyboard

4) No Red Ink: Dialogue

  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2
  • Quiz 1

5) What to Do When You Are Done… See ideas on the right sidebar.

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Complete late work (storyboard, story structure, no red ink)


Story Structure & Theme

Goal: Add a theme to the story spine you wrote yesterday. Practice dialogue quotes and colon quotes in order to include them in your narratives.


  • Overdue Library Books: Please return or renew your book today. If you don’t have it with you, write a note in your agenda to bring it back.
  • All work from last week is graded. If you need me to regrade an assignment, please use the Request a Regrade form (tab upper right).
  • If you were absent yesterday, click the Assignment Calendar (right sidebar) to write this week’s assignments in your agenda. Read yesterday’s blog and complete each activity.
  • Share English 7 folder with (1 person left!)
  • Make sure English assignments are inside the folder! (3 people are missing either the English Journal or We Are All Storytellers)
  • REMINDER: Do not turn in to Google Classroom. Just make sure the Doc in in your English 7 folder.

Writer’s Workshop

1) Story Structure: Revise Ex. 1 Part C

  • Go to Drive and open your Story Structure Doc.
  • Review exercise 1, Part C. Revise and edit.



2) Story Structure Ex. 2: THEME

  • After you watch the video, work on Ex. 2 Parts A, B, & C.


Teacher example of story spine with moral

3) No Red Ink Assignment #2: Dialogue Quotes and Flow Quotes

  • Log in to Make sure you log in with Google.
  • Press the Home tab to see your assignments. If you have late assignments, complete them first (see below).
  • If you finish early, press Practice to work on mastery of another topic.

No Red Ink Home Screen


Homework: Finish Story Structure Ex. 2, Read, Charge iPad



No Red Ink & Weekly Pages

Quotation Marks

Learning Goal: Practice using correct capitalization and punctuation in dialogue. Choose your own topic for weekly pages, making sure you have at least two examples of dialogue or flow quotes.


  • You should be done with Storytellers Ex. 2 and 3.  We will finish Ex. 4 tomorrow.
  • If you have an overdue library book, please return or renew it today.
  • 6 students still need to share their Google Drive English 7 folder with
  • 3 students still need to complete the No Red Ink diagnostic. Make sure you do that before starting the first assignment.

Tech Tip: Make your Google Docs available offline. In Docs, press the three horizontal lines (upper left) and slide the bar for Make recent files available offline.

Available Offline setting

You can also make single Docs available offline by pressing the three dots and choosing Available offline.

Available Offline

Writing Workshop

1) No Red Ink

  • Complete the Diagnostic (if you have not) and Assignment 1.

No Red Ink Assignment List

  • If you don’t have anything assigned, press Learn and choose your own topic to practice. When you reach mastery of a topic, email or send a NEO message to me. You will earn 20 points in the grade book.

2) Weekly Pages 4

  • Type on your English Journal Doc: Open your Google Drive and English 7 Folder. Find your English Journal and open it.
  • Click HERE for writing ideas. You  may also choose a “What If…” idea from We Are All Storytellers Ex. 3.
  • Follow these formatting requirements:
    • Each new entry starts on top
    • Date (align left)
    • Title (center)
    • Type Weekly Pages (align left)
    • Press Share and make sure you have added (or you will not get the points!)

3) If you finish early, see the choices on the right sidebar.

Homework: Finish Weekly Pages 4 and No Red Ink Assignment #1, Read, Charge iPad


Storytelling: What If?

Woody the Cowboy from Toy StoryGoals: Practice using correct capitalization and punctuation with dialogue and flow quotes. Revise your comparison between three films (ex. 2) to include similarities and differences. Come up with your own “what if” story ideas.


  • Storytellers Ex. 2 (revised Part C) is due today.
  • No Red Ink: First finished assignments. Then press Practice to work on mastery.
  • Create all English assignments in the English 7 folder in Google Drive. This should already be shared with
  • Check your NEO grade. Email or send a NEO message when you complete a missing assignment.
  • Is your library book overdue? Please check!

Motivational Tuesday: Let’s see if YouTube works today! Watch this video and respond by reflecting and relating.

Pixar in a Box Video: Advice from Storytellers 

Reflecting and Relating

  • So the big idea is…
  • A conclusion I’m drawing is…
  • This relates to my life because…

Writer’s Workshop

1)  No Red Ink (Assignment 1 Due Thursday)

No Red Ink Assignment List

2) We Are All Storytellers

  • Revise Ex. 2 (Part C: Reflect and Relate). Make sure you share the similarities and differences of your three favorites.
  • Continue with Ex. 3 (What If?). Your goal is to come up with 3 to 5 of your own “What If?” ideas. This is due tomorrow.

Homework: Complete and Revise Storytellers Ex. 3, Read, Charge iPad

Getting Organized & No Red Ink Diagnostic (Pretest)

correcting papersGoal: Show what you already know about the English language conventions we will practice this semester. This will help you edit your papers for correctness.

1) Announcements:

  • Back to School Night Tonight–Give your parents / caregivers your schedule.
  • Start ongoing assignments from Google Drive (English Journal & We Are All Storytellers).
  • Check NEO for points on Weekly Pages 3 and We Are All Storytellers L.1, Ex. 3. If you do not have points and you did the assignments make sure they are in your English folder in Google Drive.

2) Get Organized: Remove the old versions of assignments in your Drive

Google Classroom on the iPad has a glitch that is making some people have Docs that are “view only.” Sometimes you have make a copy so you can write on it! Take 5 minutes to clean up your English 7 folder in your Google Drive. Remove the old versions and only keep the best copies.

Here are the files you should keep the newestbest, versions of:

  • We Are All Storytellers
  • English Journal–includes weekly pages 2 and 3
  • #BookLove Reading Log–with 4 entries (up to 9/22)
  • What Do Fish…” Cognitive Strategy Launch (During and After Reading)
  • Easy as 1-2-3 (PDF)

3) Share your English Folder in Google Drive with

  • Open Google Drive
  • Select your English 7 folder in Classroom
  • Press the 3 dots and Add people
  • Type
  • Send

Thank you! This will make sure I can access your work when we have a glitch with Google Classroom.

4) Sign Up for No Red Ink and Take the Diagnostic (Pretest)

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.

5) Done early?

  • Update your interests in No Red Ink: Click your name (upper right) and Interests.
  • Work on mastery.
  • See the “What to Do When You Are Done” on the right sidebar for more ideas.

Homework: Finish No Red Ink Diagnostic (if needed). Read. Bring Book Tomorrow. Charge iPad.