Wednesday, October 25: Revise & Proofread Your Narrative

Goals: Set goals for revision. Add descriptive language to help readers visualize. Add transitions to help readers summarize. Proofread for errors.


Writing Workshop

Revise & Publish in 5 Steps

  1. Revise and Proofread Your Narrative (Steps 1 to 4) :

    •  Open Draft Your Narrative from Google Drive.
    • Use the Revise and Publish in 5 Steps handout to guide your work today.
    • Check off each item as you complete it.
    • Complete steps 1 to 4 today.
  2. If you finish steps 1 to 4—

    • Congratulations! You are ready to publish.
    • Follow the directions for step 5: Publish Your Draft to NEO. For a video tutorial, click here.
  3. Choose from “What to Do When You Are Done” (right sidebar)

Homework: Read. Charge iPad. Finish Revise and Publish (Steps 1 to 4)

Tuesday, October 17: Draft Your Narrative

Goals: Draft your narrative. Use sensory details and dialogue. Include a beginning, middle, and end. Clarify the moral or theme.


  • Ms. McMillan is absent today. Your job is to finish your narrative. It is due before class starts tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow is career day. We will not have regular English class.
  • If you have a good sub report, PAT time will be Friday.

Writer’s Workshop

1) Draft Your Narrative

If you can’t watch the video, click HERE to open the video tutorial in a new window.

  • Find the Draft Your Narrative in your Drive. If you don’t already have a copy, click HERE to get one from Google Classroom.
  • Take out your paper storyboard so you can look at it as your write.
  • Watch the video posted above (or click HERE).
  • Write your story!
  • Leave your draft in your English 7 folder in Drive. I can see it if you have shared the folder with me.

2) What to Do When You Are Done 

  • Finish late work first:
    • Storyboard–Complete the storyboard and upload to Drive (click HERE for the video tutorial).
    • No Red Ink Assignment #1 and #2 and Quiz.
  • Make sure you have the pages recorded in the Books I Finished section of your reading log.
  • See right sidebar titled “What to Do When You Are Done” for more ideas.

Homework: Finish Your Narrative (Due Tomorrow). Read. Charge Your iPad.

Reading Workshop & Draft Your Narrative

Goals: Read. Start the first draft of you narrative.


  • Absent Friday? Update your reading log. Finish your storyboard. Finish No Red Ink Assignments 1 and 2. Take No Red Ink Quiz.
  • Quarter Ends Friday: Reading Ladder Reflection (Assessment) Due, All Late Work Due
  • Substitute Tomorrow: Finish Narrative. Good Report = PAT Time Friday

1) Reading Workshop

2) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the month view, click HERE.

Week 9 Assignments

3) Motivational Monday

Watch the GVJH promotional video. Think about how you connect to the text.

Making ConnectionsShare your connection with a partner. Use the following sentence stems to help you get started.

Making Connections

  • I can relate to the part where…
  • I experienced something similar when…
  • This reminds me of…


4) Writing Workshop

Draft Your Narrative

  • First, make sure your storyboard is complete and uploaded to Google Drive. Click HERE for a video tutorial.
  • Next, go to Google Classroom and open the Draft Your Narrative assignment (click HERE).
  • Read the narrative prompt. Highlight key words.
  • Start typing. Use your storyboard to help you.

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Draft Narrative (1/2). Late Work (Storyboard, No Red Ink)

Storyboard It

Goal: Visualize your story spine with a storyboard. Practice dialogue quotes and colon quotes in order to include them in your narratives.


  • Meet in the Library Tomorrow: Bring your book / ID card.
  • If you were absent yesterday, read yesterday’s blog. Complete Story Structure Ex. 1 and 2.
  • REMINDER: Do not turn in to Google Classroom. Just make sure the Doc in in your English 7 folder.

Writer’s Workshop

1) Visualize Your Narrative with a Storyboard.

Open your Story Structure Doc in Google Drive. Scroll to your final story spine with the theme (Ex. 2., Part C).

TEACHER EXAMPLE: Story Spine with Theme

Teacher example of story spine with moral

Visualize your setting, characters, and events with a storyboard.

Storyboard tips and tricks

When you finish, photograph your storyboard with your iPad camera.

2) No Red Ink Assignment #2: Dialogue Quotes and Flow Quotes

  • Log in to Make sure you log in with Google.
  • Press the Home tab to see your assignments. If you have late assignments, complete them first (see below).
  • If you finish early, press Practice to work on mastery of another topic.

No Red Ink Home Screen


Homework: Finish Storyboard, Read, Charge iPad, Meet in Library Tomorrow (Bring Book / ID)



Read, Motivational Monday, & Pixar Story Spines

Goals: Read. Respond to a short video about learning. Use Pixar’s story spine to write a narrative.


  • If you did not finish the learning log from Friday, please finish it today. I will not regrade after today.
  • No weekly pages this week or next week. Concentrate on writing your narrative.
  • Google Classroom Update: You will still use the app to GET assignments. Just don’t use the turn in feature.

1) Read

2) Record this week’s assignments in your agenda.

Click HERE or click the Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.

3) Motivational Monday: Everyone Can Learn

Pair Share: Respond to the video with one of the following cognitive strategies:

  • Summarizing: The key information is…
  • ReflectingRelating: A conclusion I’m drawing is… OR The big idea is…

4) Story Structure by Pixar & Kahn Academy (Ex. 1)

  • After watching the video, open the assignment in Google Classroom (click HERE.)
  • Type your answers on Google Docs, not the PDF version.
  • DO NOT TURN IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM. There is a glitch. Don’t worry, I can still see your work.
  • Finish Exercise 1 today.

Homework: Story Structure Ex. 1,Read, Charge iPad, Revise Learning Log if Needed