Friday, February 9: Read & Finish Your Summary

Open book and reading workshop text

Goals: Read. Track progress. Participate in book talks. Complete your Summary of an opinion article. Reflect and relate.

1) Read & Complete Your Log

Take out your book and read.

After reading time, open your #Book Love Reading Log in Drive and complete your entry for this week.



2) Book Talks

As you listen to the book talks, jot down any you may want to read on your My Next Reads list in Notes.


3) Workshop

Click HERE to open Unit 5: What Makes a Good Argument?

  • Finish Expanding Summary #1 in order to turn it in to Google Classroom. If you need help with Part 4, use the sentence beginnings in the example below.



  • Go back to the Unit 5: What Makes a Good Argument? HyperDoc.
  • Finish any activity you left incomplete.
  • Continue to the end of the unit: Reflect & Relate and Next Steps
  • If you finish early, choose from What to Do When You Are Done

4) Debrief & Exit Routine

Homework: Finish All Unit 5: What Makes a Good Argument?, Read & Bring Book, Charge iPad