Thursday, November 2: Library Checkout

Goals: Browse using the Destiny app. Use the favorites feature. Check out books. Read.


  • Check NEO for narrative rubric. Comments are in 3 places: Google Doc, Classroom, and NEO
  • The second half of class today is reading workshop.
  • Weekly pages 5 due TODAY. Did you turn in your English Journal?

1) Starter, Agenda, & Announcements (5)

Complete the starter in Google Classroom.

2) Explore the Destiny App (15)

  • Download the Destiny app from Self Service.
  • Log in to the app. Mrs. Ferrall will give you the directions.
  • Browse by topic. Try out several different topics.
  • Explore the e-book selections.
  • Add several favorites to your list.

3) Browse, Checkout, & Read (25)

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Bring your Book tomorrow.

Library Read Around & Book Checkout


Goal: Read a little bit of several books (three or four or five). Experiment. Try reading a book that is different than the kind you usually choose: It may be a new or unfamiliar genre. It may have characters who are different than you. It may take place in an unfamiliar setting.


  • Bring your completed storyboard to class tomorrow.
  • The book you checked out three weeks ago is due! Turn it in or renew it.

1) Library Read Around

  • Spend a few moments looking over the books at your table.
  • Choose one book. You are making a four or five minute commitment to trying it out.
  • Skim the blurb on the back or inside the front cover.
  • Read the beginning until you hear the signal to stop. The only sound we should hear is the sound of pages turning.
  • If you like the book keep it. If not, put it back on the table.
  • On the signal, stand up and move clockwise to a new table. If you liked your book, bring it with you.


2) Book Checkout & Read

  • Browse for a new book.
  • Renew or checkout a book (or two or three or four).
  • Get cozy and start reading.

Homework: Finish Storyboard. Read 30 minutes daily (log completed tomorrow). Charge your iPad.


Library Visit and Book Checkout


Goal: Learn how to use the online library catalog. Check out a book or three or four. Read.

1) Announcements

  • Weekly Pages 2 Due Today: Turn in to Google Classroom under English Journal. Click HERE to go to Google Classroom.
  • The book you checked out three weeks ago is due! Turn it in or renew it.

2) Find Online Library Catalog and Add to Home Screen

  • In Safari, go to GV’s website at Add this to your home screen if you have not done it yet.
  • Click on Academics and Library.
  • Choose Library Catalog from School. (If you are at home, choose Library Catalog from Home.)
  • Press the share button (box with arrow in upper right) and add the catalog to your home screen.
  • Change the name to Library Catalog and press Add
add to home screen

Add to home screen


3) Catalog Practice

Follow the directions below. Your answers are due by the end of the period. We are working on paper today.

(Absent Students: Type your response on Google Docs and share with

Click HERE to open the practice in a Google Doc.

Library Catalog Practice

4) Browse, Check Out Books, & Read

After you turn in your Catalog Practice, find a book (or two or three) to read. Get cozy and start reading.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily (log completed tomorrow). Charge your iPad.