Friday, January 5: Outsiders Ch. 11 & Evaluating

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Goals: Read Chapter 11 and complete 11 close reading strategies.


  • You should have 10 close reading responses done today. I will give you points and feedback based on your work so far.
  • Finish The Outsiders by Tuesday 1/9 (last day). All Outsiders activities, including Newsela and No Red Ink, are due Friday 1/12.
  • If you are done with The Outsiders, get a new book to read.

1) Read

2) Update #BookLove Reading Log

Record your reading from over the break and this week. Remember to include The Outsiders.




3) Workshop Time



HOMEWORK: Read Ch. 11 & Complete 11 Close Reading Responses, Read a Newsela article or complete the No Red Ink Pretest

Friday, December 1: Outsiders Ch. 3 & Close Reading

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Goals: Read Chapter 3. Choose a cognitive strategy to respond. Add a transition word.


  • Outsiders Audiobook: I have posted the entire audiobook in Google Classroom. Feel free to listen on your own. Make sure you also read along with your book.
  • Instruction Guide to Happiness: Congratulations to those who have published their explanatory writing piece (Instruction Guide to Happiness). If you have not revised, proofread, and published yet, please do so today for partial credit.
  • Absent Yesterday? Read the blog from yesterday. Be sure to complete the starter, read Ch. 2 and write a close reading response.
  • Outsiders Research: If you did not complete the Outsiders research in the library, please finish it for homework. If you finish by Friday, you can still earn full credit.

1) Update #BookLove Reading Log

Record your reading for the week. Remember, this includes  The Outsiders AND what you read over Thanksgiving Break.

2) Read Outsiders Ch. 3

3) Close Reading Response

Click HERE to read about how to respond to what you read in The Outsiders.

For your own copy of the assignment, go to Google Classroom (click HERE).

Use the Cognitive Strategies Booklet to write an extended response (2 – 3 complete sentences).

4) Workshop Time

  • Finish your Instruction Guide to Happiness
  • Finish your Outsiders Research
  • Finish reading Ch. 1 or start reading and annotating your first nonfiction article in Newsela. Click HERE for directions on getting started.


HOMEWORK: Read Ch. 3, 1 – 2 Close Reading Responses



Library Read Around & Book Checkout


Goal: Read a little bit of several books (three or four or five). Experiment. Try reading a book that is different than the kind you usually choose: It may be a new or unfamiliar genre. It may have characters who are different than you. It may take place in an unfamiliar setting.


  • Bring your completed storyboard to class tomorrow.
  • The book you checked out three weeks ago is due! Turn it in or renew it.

1) Library Read Around

  • Spend a few moments looking over the books at your table.
  • Choose one book. You are making a four or five minute commitment to trying it out.
  • Skim the blurb on the back or inside the front cover.
  • Read the beginning until you hear the signal to stop. The only sound we should hear is the sound of pages turning.
  • If you like the book keep it. If not, put it back on the table.
  • On the signal, stand up and move clockwise to a new table. If you liked your book, bring it with you.


2) Book Checkout & Read

  • Browse for a new book.
  • Renew or checkout a book (or two or three or four).
  • Get cozy and start reading.

Homework: Finish Storyboard. Read 30 minutes daily (log completed tomorrow). Charge your iPad.


Reading Workshop, Sharing Characters & Worlds, Learning Log

Goals: Read. Keep track of your reading progress. Share your character & world idea. Summarize and reflect on your learning about “The Art of Storytelling” and Dialogue or Flow quotes. 


  • You should be 100% done with “We Are All Storytellers.” If you finish late, please complete the request a regrade form (tab on the upper right).
  • You should be 100% done with No Red Ink Assignment #1. If you finish late, please complete the request a regrade form (tab on the upper right).
  • DO NOT TURN IN ASSIGNMENTS TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE). Just make sure they are in your English 7 / Google Drive folder which is shared with

1) Read

2) #BookLove Reading Log

  • Open your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive. Make sure the best reading log is in your English 7 folder. Remove old versions.
  • Update your reading for today (10/6).
  • Press share to make sure it has been shared with
  • If you finish a book complete the blue shaded section. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Reading Log Entry for 10/6


3) Share Best “What If” from We Are All Storytellers, Ex. 4

  • Open We Are All Storytellers Doc. Scroll to Exercise 4, Part C.
  • Read over your What If? story idea and revise if needed.
  • Share your idea with your small group.


4) Learning Log–English Journal

  1. Review your learning for the week. This includes “We Are All Storytellers” and No Red Ink: Dialogue and Flow Quotes.
  2. In your English Journal, summarize and reflect on what you learned this week.
  3. REMINDERS: Start on the top of your English Journal Doc. Type the date (left) and title (center).
  4. Use at least two cognitive strategies:

Learning Log Cognitive Strategies



Learning Log Example


Homework: Read. Charge iPad. Bring earbuds. 

Friday Reading Workshop

Goal: Read. Participate in a book conference. Complete your weekly reading Log. Finish using cognitive strategies from “Before You Read.”

1) Read

2) #BookLove Reading Log

After reading time, click HERE to open the Reading Log assignment in Google Classroom.

3) “What Do Fish…?” Before Reading

Review, Revise, and Perfect the Before Reading: Easy as 1-2-3 section. Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom. Turn it in for an assessment grade.

Homework: Read, Charge iPad


Reading Workshop and Book Love Part 2

Sponge Bob Reading

What Is Wrong with This Picture?

Goals: Read. Understand the importance of self-selected reading. Analyze the craft of a good book talk.

1) Agenda

Write this week’s assignments in your GVJHS agenda.

2) Reading Workshop

Read your self-selected reading book for 15 minutes. Some of you will participate in a book conference with me.

3) #BookLove Part 2

Click HERE to review the #BookLove Overview. With your small group, think of 2 – 3 reasons to record under “Why Do We Have Reading Workshop?” Participate in a class discussion and record more reasons.

Watch Ms. McMillan give a book talk. Record three observations (analyzing craft). You may use the following sentence beginnings. If you are absent, watch Ms. McMillan’s book talks on YouTube HERE.

  • I notice…
  • I observe…
  • I see / hear…

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Bring your ID on Thursday for the iPad pickup.



#BookLove Overview and Rate Your Reading

Student reading

Goal: Continue building positive relationships with your classmates. Understand the purpose of independent reading and set reading goals for yourself.

1) 5 Things: I will give you an index card in class. Write your name and 5 facts about yourself. After you write your 5 things, turn in your index card. This will lead into an activity where you learn about your classmates and find out what you have in common (it will give too much away if I explain it here).

5 Things About Me Directions

2) #BookLove Overview

Click HERE for the student handout. This was printed for you in class.

Click HERE to follow along with the presentation slides.

3) Rate Your Reading and Reflect

Click HERE for the handout. This was printed for you in class.

Homework: Read 30 minutes and bring your book to class. Finish the reading reflection and get a parent or caregiver signature.