Thursday, April 26: #ThoughtfulThursday & Poetry Workshop

Goals: Watch a animated video of a poem. Analyze craft and form an evidence-supported interpretation. Revise your visible poem and write two supportive, academic comments to other students.


  • Performance Task day 2 tomorrow
  • Book talks for tomorrow and next Friday (May 4)


1.#052 Starter #ThoughtfulThursday Video

Open the #052 Starter in Google Classroom.

The #052 Starter has two questions. Watch the video twice and answer one part after each viewing.

  1. ANALYZING CRAFT: A golden line for me is…
  2. FORMING INTERPRETATIONS: The idea I’m getting is… OR What this means to me is…

Support your interpretation with evidence from the video.

When you finish, press See previous responses to read what your classmates wrote.

3. #022 Poetry Workshop

Open the #o22 Poetry Workshop in Google Classroom.

Reread the directions. Open the Poetry Workshop HyperDoc and reread the Publish section. Revise your poem, add two comments to other students, and MARK AS DONE. If you have time, complete the EXTEND activity.


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Finish Poetry Workshop

March 7: Plan Your Speech

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand! Site

Learning Target: Modify your argument essay into speech form. Practice giving your speech with appropriate volume, pronunciation, and eye contact.


  • Absent Yesterday? Revise your argument (color-code and reflect & relate)
  • Argument Help: YouTube “Think Alouds” on Take a Stand Site
  • Take a Stand! Speeches Tomorrow
  • Book Talks Friday
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment


1) Golden 10

Open your Weekly Work Chart in Google Classroom. You have 10 minutes to work on your Golden 10. If you are done, skip to the last row.


2) Wake-Up Wednesday

Analyzing Craft: What does this speaker do well? What makes his speech effective? Consider what he says and how he says it.

Go to Socrative / ENG7RM 402. Share your response using the cognitive strategy Analyzing CraftWait to read the response of others. Vote.


3) Plan Speech & Practice

Find instructions for planning your speech on the Publish! page of the Unit 6 site. After you plan your speech, take turns giving it to a partner. Focus on speaking slowly, pronouncing each word carefully, and using eye contact.


4) Debrief and Exit


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Practice Giving Your Speech

Wednesday, February 7: Wake-Up Wednesday & Bullying in Sports

Goal: Read the second opinion article on Newsela. Read, annotate, write, and take the quiz.

1) Starter

Go to Google Classroom and open today’s starter. When you finish, click See Previous Responses. Be prepared to share your own response or someone else’s.

WEDNESDAY (EVALUATING): Watch the “Wake Up Wednesday” motivational video. What is the speaker’s claim about cell phones? Do you agree or disagree?


2) Mini-lesson: Workshop Norms

Go to Google Classroom and open the Workshop Norms assignment. Take notes on the slide that has been shared with you. You may write on the PDF or open it in Slides.


3) Unit 5: What Makes a Good Argument?

Click HERE to open the Unit 5 HyperDoc.

Your goal today is complete Newsela Article #2: Analyzing Author’s Craft and Evaluating

If you finish early—

  • Complete Weekly Pages 10 (due Tomorrow)
  • Choose an activity from What to Do When You Are Done.


3) Debrief & Exit Routine


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Weekly Pages 10, Finish Newsela Article #2 (Bullying in Sports)

Tuesday, January 23: Compare & Contrast

Goals: Compare the film The Outsiders with the book. Demonstrate mastery of film terms.


  • Book Talks Friday 1/26 and Monday 1/29
  • Absent Yesterday? Write assignments in agenda. Continue Comparing The Outsiders.
  • Review Routines: Entry / Exit / Workshop Time / Consequences

1) Starter

Open the starter in Google Classroom. Answer today’s question. When you are done, choose See previous responses to see your classmates’ answers.


2) Comparing The Outsiders (Book vs. Film)–Continue Part 2 and 3

Find your Comparing The Outsiders in Google Classroom. Use film terms to analyze the craft of the film. Consider how each filmmaker’s strategy affects your experience as a viewer.


After you finish the film write a short paragraph comparing the film to the book. Be sure to answer the questions listed in Part 3: Evaluate.

4) Debrief


Monday, January 22: Zoom in, Zoom out, Pan, Low Angle, High Angle, Soundtrack & More

Goals: Read. Update Next Reads lists and participate in Book Talks. Analyze The Outsiders.


  • Check your Semester 1 grade on NEO.
  • The Outsiders film guide (Comparing the Outsiders) will be on the Semester 2 grade.
  • Absent Friday? Make sure you have complete your Reading Ladder Reflection.

1) Read

Open book and reading workshop text


Participate in book talks by listening and taking notes in your Next Reads list. Sign up for a book talk by pressing the link in the right sidebar.

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk

2) Agenda

Write this week’s assignments in your agenda. For a month view, click the Assignment Calendar link in the right sidebar.

Agenda 1 - 22

3) Comparing The Outsiders (Book vs. Film)–Continue Part 2

Find your Comparing The Outsiders in Google Classroom. Use film terms to analyze the craft of the film. Consider how each filmmaker’s strategy affects your experience as a viewer.


4) Closure

Monday, December 4: Outsiders Ch. 4 & Analyzing Craft

Goals: Read. Add one or two extended close reading responses. Analyze Hinton’s craft.


  • Congratulations to those who finished the instruction guide to happiness. Check NEO to see the scoring guide with your grade. Comments are in Google Classroom and NEO. I have not finished grading them yet.
  • Still waiting for 5 students to complete and publish the instruction guides to happiness. Meet with me today.
  • No Weekly Pages while we read The Outsiders. Instead, each response should be at least paragraph length.

1) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the month view, click HERE.

2) How to Write a High-Quality Close Reading Response

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Read the feedback on your responses from Ch. 1 to 3.
  • Reread how to earn an A and look at the sample responses from The Hunger Games.



  • Scroll down to see the list of transitions and transitional expressions. Be sure to use at least one in each response. Highlight the transition so that I can find it easily.

3)  Read Ch. 4 and Write 1 – 2 Close Reading Responses

  • Click HERE to open the audiobook resources in Google Classroom. You may listen and read along OR simply read.
  • Check the Find the Chapter chart to locate your place in the audiobook. If you are keeping up with the reading, you should be on Chapter 4 or beyond.
  • Use the Cognitive Strategies Booklet (see below) to help you craft high-quality responses.

4) If You Finish Early Choose One of the Following Activities:


HOMEWORK: Read Ch.4, 1 – 2 Close Reading Responses