March 2: Adding Evidence and Reasoning

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand Site

Learning Targets: Read. Track progress. Participate in Book talks. Add evidence and elaboration (reasoning) to your argument.


  • Absent Yesterday? Read yesterday’s blog for details on the Dr. Suess celebration.
  • Book talks Monday 3/5


1) Read

Complete this week’s reading log.

Participate in Book Talks. Write reading ideas in your My Next Reads list.


2) Minilesson: Adding Evidence and Reasoning

Read about Step 5: Write on  Unit 6: Take a Stand

Open your own Argument Draft from Google Classroom. Type your Draft on Docs.

Your goal for today is to write body paragraphs with evidence and reasoning to support your claim.

You  may want to refer to the anchor charts on the slide deck below.


3) Quiz: Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning

Go to Socrative / ENG7RM402 to take the quiz. If you are absent, you will need to make an appointment with me to make this up.


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Argument Essay (Intro and body paragraphs)