Tech Tutorial #1 (Continued): Send an Academic Message

Goal: Send an academic message to your teacher.

Take out the Tech Tutorial 1 handout from yesterday. Click HERE for the link.

After you watch the video, read the directions for the “Academic Message“on the handout (page 2).

This will be graded with the Rubric for Small Assignments (click the link).

Here is an example of an academic message:

Sample academic message

If you finish early—

Either complete your missing work or choose from the options under What to Do When You Are Done on the right sidebar.

HW: Read 30 minutes & Bring Book

Tech Tutorial #1: Check Your Grades and Note Missing Work

Goal: Check your grades in all of your classes. Note missing assignments so you can complete them and turn them in.

Update Agenda

Click HERE or the Assignment Calendar on the right sidebar to get the revised calendar for the week.

Tech Tutorial #1: NEO

Click HERE for a Google Doc of the Tech Tutorial.

Graphic explaining symbols in NEO gradebook


Homework: Read 30 Minutes Daily. Finish checking grades (if needed)