#BookLove Overview and Rate Your Reading

Student reading

Goal: Continue building positive relationships with your classmates. Understand the purpose of independent reading and set reading goals for yourself.

1) 5 Things: I will give you an index card in class. Write your name and 5 facts about yourself. After you write your 5 things, turn in your index card. This will lead into an activity where you learn about your classmates and find out what you have in common (it will give too much away if I explain it here).

5 Things About Me Directions

2) #BookLove Overview

Click HERE for the student handout. This was printed for you in class.

Click HERE to follow along with the presentation slides.

3) Rate Your Reading and Reflect

Click HERE for the handout. This was printed for you in class.

Homework: Read 30 minutes and bring your book to class. Finish the reading reflection and get a parent or caregiver signature.