Letter to Families

Dear Students, Parents, and Caregivers,

Welcome to seventh grade English language arts. This letter highlights some of the most important elements of our class.

Digital Writing

In English 7, all students are writers. We use digital tools to draft, collaborate, revise, and publish. The applications we use for digital writing include NEO, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Forms, Twitter, WordPress, and Kidblog. IMPORTANT: Parents are encouraged to oversee all student digital writing projects. Parents have access to student usernames and passwords.

Reading Requirement

Independent reading is our most important homework assignment. Students choose their own books and set reading goals in order to increase stamina, fluency, and comprehension. I will not censor any student book choices. Parents, be aware of what your child is reading at home and set family rules about book content. Also, make sure that your child is reading a minimum of 30 minutes a day. The page number minimum requirement for honors English is 100 pages a week and/or 6 books a quarter.

English 7 Class Website and Blog: www.msmcmillanenglish7.com

This site holds class materials for students and parents. Please visit to find handouts, check homework assignments, and see published student work. I suggest looking at the Syllabus and Grading tab first. Add a bookmark to this site on your home browser.

NEO (Learning Management System for Santa Barbara Schools): https://gvjh.edu20.org

EDU 2.0 publishes student grades, allows students to send messages to teachers, and contains online assignments for various classes. Students will learn how to enroll within the first two weeks of school.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.


Amy McMillan


(805) 967-3486 x 2536


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