Thursday, November 9: Happiness Organizer

GOAL: Identify textual evidence to explain how people achieve happiness.


  • Check starter grades. Redo if you do not earn full credit.
  • Requesting a Regrade. You need to make significant improvements and explain exactly what you did in order to improve your grade.
  • Absent yesterday? Complete “Truth” annotation in Google Classroom and complete the assessment in

DUE TODAY: Weekly Pages 6

1) Starter

Complete the starter question in Google Classroom. You will be asked the following question:

Revising Meaning

2) Check Weekly Pages 6: Does it have the date and title? Is it in your English folder?

3) Happiness Graphic Organizer

happiness organizer

  • Go to Google Classroom and open the Happiness Graphic Organizer in Docs.
  • Use the iPad split screen function to look at Safari or Chrome at the same time.
  • Login to with Google.
  • Reread each article listed on the organizer. Add 2 or 3 details about happiness to the left column in the organizer.
  • You may copy facts (command C) and paste them (command V) in the left column.
  • After you have facts for each article, write your own commentary in the right side. Explain how each fact shows a way to achieve happiness.

4) Debrief

Homework: Read (2 weeks reading on next week’s log). Charge your iPad.

Monday, October 31: Monster Experiment (Part 2)

Goals: Visualize your monster and use descriptive language to describe it.

1) Copy the week’s assignments in your GVJH agenda.

Week of Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 Agenda


Writing Workshop

2) Complete Today’s Starter

Tapping Prior Knowledge

Open the Starter form in Google Classroom

Answer Today’s Question: What are sensory details?

3) Finish the Monster Experiment (Parts 2 & 3)

Visualizing CBO


  • Click HERE for a sensory details word list. You should also have this in your English folder.
  • Click HERE to see my example.

4) Publish!

Analyzing Craft

Analyzing Craft

  • Place Sheets #1, 2, and 3 together, face up.  They should all be about YOUR monster.
  • Walk around to see what other students created.
  • Think about how some monsters look more similar than others. Notice what kinds of writing made visualizing easier for the reader.

5) Debrief: What did you learn as a writer? As a reader?

Reflecting and Relating

Reflecting and Relating

Homework: Read. Charge iPad.

Friday, October 27, 2017: Read & Monster Experiment Part 1

Goals: Read and track progress. Use sensory details to show not tell.


  • Check the Publish Your Narrative assignment in NEO. Did you turn it in? Did you submit a LINK not a file? Did you turn in the right version? Did you write a 2 sentence reflection about your writing?



  • Sign up for a book talk (right sidebar).
  • Absent yesterday? Turn in the paper copy of Revise and Publish in 5 Steps. Turn in Narrative to NEO (Publish Your Narrative).

Reading Workshop

1) Read.

2) Update Reading Log.

Open #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.

Update your reading for the week.

3) Participate Book Talks and Update My Next Reads.

Go to your “Next Reads”list in the Notes app. Write down the titles of books you might want to read next.

If you want to give a book talk, sign up on the form linked on the right sidebar.

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk


Writing Workshop

 4) Complete Monster Experiment Part 1.

Click HERE to see the Monster Experiment handout.

Click HERE for a sensory details word list. You should also have this in your English folder.

Click HERE to see my example.

Use descriptive language and sensory details to complete Monster Sheet #1.

On Monday you will draw your monster based on your description.

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad.


Thursday, October 26: Publish Your Narrative!

Minions and Publish

Goal: Complete a final proofread. Turn in your draft.


  • DUE TODAY: Revise and Publish (Steps 1 – 4)
  • Missing / Incomplete Work (Narratives, Flocabulary: Using Descriptive Language, Reading Log): Send a message via NEO or email or if the assignment has been graded, complete the  Request a Regrade form (upper right).
  • Absent Yesterday? Revise and Publish in 5 Steps
  • New Seats Today

Writing Workshop

1) Get Organized

  • Take out English folder with Revise and Publish in 5 StepsRevise & Publish in 5 Steps
  • Make sure Sensory Detail Words handout is secured in the brads. You will need this later.
  • Open your Narrative draft in Google Drive.


2) Final Proofread

Reread the directions for Revise and Publish Step 4. Complete one last final proofread before you publish this draft. It must be as error free as possible.


3) Publish Your Narrative to NEO & Write a 2-Sentence Reflection

Watch this video with the steps for turning in your narrative:

Before you press Save and Submit, write a two-sentence reflection with one strength and one “stretch”:

  • One thing I did well is…
  • I am still working on… / I am confused about…


4) PAT Time

PAT Time Choices


Homework: Read (Bring Book Tomorrow). Charge iPad. LATE: Narrative / Flocabulary

Wednesday, October 25: Revise & Proofread Your Narrative

Goals: Set goals for revision. Add descriptive language to help readers visualize. Add transitions to help readers summarize. Proofread for errors.


Writing Workshop

Revise & Publish in 5 Steps

  1. Revise and Proofread Your Narrative (Steps 1 to 4) :

    •  Open Draft Your Narrative from Google Drive.
    • Use the Revise and Publish in 5 Steps handout to guide your work today.
    • Check off each item as you complete it.
    • Complete steps 1 to 4 today.
  2. If you finish steps 1 to 4—

    • Congratulations! You are ready to publish.
    • Follow the directions for step 5: Publish Your Draft to NEO. For a video tutorial, click here.
  3. Choose from “What to Do When You Are Done” (right sidebar)

Homework: Read. Charge iPad. Finish Revise and Publish (Steps 1 to 4)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017: Using Descriptive Language

5 senses

Image Credit: Allan-Hermann Pool via Wikimedia

Goal: Incorporate descriptive language in writing to create sensory details and imagery.

Since I am absent today, you have the whole class period to finish Using Descriptive Language at Whatever you don’t finish today is homework.

Find today’s assignment: 

  • Go to
  • Press Log in
  • Choose Google
  • Sign in with school Google account
  • Select Using Descriptive Langauge

There are four activities to complete:

  1. Watch
  2. Vocab
  3. Read and Respond
  4. Quiz

If you finish early—

  • Add descriptive language to your narrative.
  • Choose an idea from “What to Do When You Are Done.” (right sidebar)

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Finish Using Descriptive Language (Flocabulary)


Monday, October 23: Reading Workshop & Motivational Monday

Open book and reading workshop text

Goals: Read. Listen to or participate in book talks. Analyze the author’s craft of a Motivational Monday video. Watch a video / listen to a song explaining sensory details.


  • New seats Thursday: If you have a preference, send me a message via NEO or email.
  • Check your NEO grades today for Quarter 1 grades. Grades from Quarter 1 continue in Quarter 2. The semester ends Jan. 19.
  • Absent last week? Read the blog entries. Update your reading log, complete the Reading Ladder Reflection. Complete the Draft Your Narrative assignment from Google Classroom.
  • Substitute tomorrow = PAT time Thursday

Reading & Writing Workshop

1) Read

2) Book Talks: Erik, Isabella, Kimberly

If you hear something you like, jot it down in your My Next Reads list in Notes.

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk

3) Agenda & Announcements

Copy this week’s assignments in to your agenda. You may also see the month view by clicking Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.

4) Motivational Monday: A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

As you watch the video, use the cognitive strategy Analyzing Craft to choose a “golden line.”

Share your response with your elbow partner. Be prepared to share with the class.

  • A special line or phrase for me is…
  • This word/phrase stands out for me because…
  • I like how the author uses ___ to show…

5) Log in to Using Descriptive Language

Homework: Read. Charge Your iPad. Bring Ear Buds.