Reading Workshop & We Are All Storytellers Ex. 2 (Your Favorite Films)

Here is our reading dog AGAIN. That dog is focused.

Goal: Read. Keep track of your progress. Adopt an alignment with a character in a favorite film.


  • Raffle (end of class)
  • Share English 7/McMillan folder in Drive with Start all assignments from that folder.
  • Check NEO grade. If you are missing an assignment, please complete it and send an email or NEO message to me. You will receive full credit.
  • If you were absent yesterday, please read the blog entry from yesterday (9/28). Complete each assignment.
  • Complete the No Red Ink Diagnostic assignment (if you have not).

1) Read

2) Complete #BookLove Reading Log for 9/29

  • Find your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.
  • Update it for this week (9/29).
  • Make sure it is inside your English7 folder
  • Make sure your English 7 folder is shared with

EXAMPLE #BookLove Reading Log 8.35.40 AM

4) We Are All Storytellers Exercise 2

  • Open your We Are All Storytellers Doc from Google Drive.
  • Scroll to exercise 2.
  • Watch the video and complete part A.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Charge your iPad. Bring Your Book and Ear Buds on Monday.

We Are All Story Tellers: Adding Sensory Details


Goal: Revise the memory you wrote Monday in order to include sensory details (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), dialogue, and exact thoughts.

1) Agenda

Click HERE to open this week’s assignments. Record the changes in your agenda.

2) Announcements

  • Please use Drive to access your assignments. TURN IN to Google Classroom.
  • Absent Monday or Tuesday? Find We Are All Storytellers in Google Classroom. Complete Exercise 1.
  • Forgot Your iPad? Date the entry in your R/W Notebook and write everything we do in the notebook. Otherwise you earn 0 points!
  • Back to School Night Tomorrow: Give your schedule to your parents.

3) REVISEWe Are All Storytellers (L. 1, Ex. 1)

  • Open We Are All Storytellers in Google Drive.
  • Scroll to Part C.
  • Revise what you wrote on Monday. Help your reader visualize what happened.
  • Make Sure your Doc is inside your English folder so Ms. McMillan can see your progress.

Add sensory details

4) Weekly Pages 3 (English Journal Doc)

OPTIONAL: Paste your revised writing from Storytellers L. 1 Ex. 2 (Part C) for Weekly Pages 3.

  • Copy (Command C) the revised memory from Part C (see above).
  • Open your English Journal (Google Drive).
  • On  Top: Type the date (align left) and the title “Weekly Pages 3” (align center).
  • Paste (Command V) your memory (align left).
  • Make Sure your Doc is inside your English folder so Ms. McMillan can see your progress.


HomeworkRead, Charge iPad, Weekly Pages 3

Reading Workshop + Finish “What Do Fish…?”

This Dog Knows How to Participate in a Reading Workshop.

Goal: Read. Keep track of your progress. Use cognitive strategies to comprehend, analyze, and reflect.

1) Announcements

  • Thank you for your scholarly behavior in the library yesterday.
  • Did you turn in your library catalog work? Check NEO for credit.
  • Did you turn in your Weekly Pages to Google Classroom? Check NEO for credit.
  • We start our new unit on Monday: The Art of Storytelling. Please bring ear buds if you have them.
  • Raffle

2) Read

3) #BookLove Reading Log for 9/22 

  • Find your #BookLove Reading Log in Google Drive.
  • Update it for this week (9/22).
  • Open Google Classroom and #BookLove Reading Log for 9/22 (or click the link).
  • Press Add attachment and select your reading log.
  • Turn in.


4) “What Do Fish” Cognitive Strategy Launch 

  • Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Open YOUR “What Do Fish…?” Google Doc.
  • Continue reading where we left off yesterday.
  • Use cognitive strategies to respond to the story in each WHITE box.
  • Turn in  to Google Classroom.

Homework: Read 30  minutes daily. Charge your iPad.

Library Visit and Book Checkout


Goal: Learn how to use the online library catalog. Check out a book or three or four. Read.

1) Announcements

  • Weekly Pages 2 Due Today: Turn in to Google Classroom under English Journal. Click HERE to go to Google Classroom.
  • The book you checked out three weeks ago is due! Turn it in or renew it.

2) Find Online Library Catalog and Add to Home Screen

  • In Safari, go to GV’s website at Add this to your home screen if you have not done it yet.
  • Click on Academics and Library.
  • Choose Library Catalog from School. (If you are at home, choose Library Catalog from Home.)
  • Press the share button (box with arrow in upper right) and add the catalog to your home screen.
  • Change the name to Library Catalog and press Add
add to home screen

Add to home screen


3) Catalog Practice

Follow the directions below. Your answers are due by the end of the period. We are working on paper today.

(Absent Students: Type your response on Google Docs and share with

Click HERE to open the practice in a Google Doc.

Library Catalog Practice

4) Browse, Check Out Books, & Read

After you turn in your Catalog Practice, find a book (or two or three) to read. Get cozy and start reading.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily (log completed tomorrow). Charge your iPad.


Start Your Year-Long English Doc

typewriter with crumpled paper

Goal: Start your year-long English Journal and your weekly pages #2. Continue reading “What Do Fish…” and responding with cognitive strategies.

1) Announcements

  • Check your NEO grade. Make sure you do not have any 0’s, AB’s, or M’s.
  • Library visit tomorrow. Everyone leaves with a book.
  • Bonus Point Opportunity: Try out No Red Ink. The directions are on the right sidebar under New Student Checklist.

2) English Journal Doc and Weekly Pages #2

In Google Classroom, click on the English Journal assignment (linked here).

Create a new Doc. This will be your English Journal for the entire year! Simply write today’s date on top and start writing.  The next time you type something, write the new date and type above the older entry.

For Weekly Pages 2 (Due Tomorrow):

  • Type today’s date at the top of your Doc (align left)
  • Type the title Weekly Pages 2 (align center)
  • Type 150 – 200 words (align left) on the topic of your choice. Click HERE for writing ideas.
  • Turn it in to Google Classroom

Spend about 10 minutes of class time writing. Your homework is to write at least 150 words for Weekly Pages 2.

3) What Do Fish…?

Continue reading and responding to the short story “What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?” Click HERE to open the assignment in Google Classroom.

Homework: Read 30 minutes daily. Charge your iPad. Finish Weekly Pages 2. Meet in the library tomorrow (bring book / ID).


What Do Fish…? Continue Reading

red fish in bowl

Goal: Keep reading “What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything.” Use cognitive strategies to make meaning of the text. Write responses to what you read using cognitive strategies.

1) Announcements

  • Check missing work in NEO–You do not want grades that say 0 or M or X. Progress reports reflect your grade in NEO as of today.
  • Weekly Pages 2 DUE THURS.
  • Meet in the library Thursday. Bring your book / ID. Every student must leave with a book.

2) Read “What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?”

  • Open Google Classroom.
  • Find the assignment titled “What Do Fish…” or click HERE.
  • Open your copy of the Doc we started yesterday (HINT: Your name is on it).
  • Read up to each stopping point (white box).
  • Use the cognitive strategy bookmark to write responses.

HomeworkRead 30 minutes. Charge your iPad.


What Do Fish…? (During Reading)

orange and white fish

Goal: Read. Participate in reading conferences. Use cognitive strategies to make meaning of a text.

1)  Read

2)  Agenda

Write this week’s assignments in your GVJH agenda. Click HERE to open the assignment calendar.

3) Community Circle


4) “What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything? (During Reading)

  • In Google Classroom, open the short story “What Do Fish…?”
  • As you read, type your responses on the Google Doc (not a PDF).
  • Use your cognitive strategies book mark to write your responses at each stopping point.
  • Be sure to type in the WHITE boxes labeled with cognitive strategies.

Homework: Read 30 Minutes Daily