The Hero and Heroine’s Journey

Watch This Introductory Video

And This One

Choose a Book

Click through this slideshow for some highly recommended books.

Keep Track of Class Materials

Hero’s Journey Unit: English 7H

Click for Google Doc with Hero and Heroine’s Journey Handouts

City of Ember Project: English 7

Bonus Opportunity

Read another book from the hero’s journey reading list (see above) and complete Read Write Think‘s Hero’s Journey Interactive: your work to

Final Project: One-Pager

Create a poster-sized one pager with your group. For full requirements, periods 4 and 5 students see the Hero and Heroine’s Journey handouts and scroll to the end. City of Ember readers (periods 1 and 2), click here: City of Ember One-pager

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.25.35 PM


Final Project: Superhero Storyboard Assessment

Click here for Google Doc blank storyboard and directions:



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