Unit 6 Steps in the Writing Process: Focus on Revision

Revision by Nic Mcphee

Image Credit: Nic McPhee via Flickr.com

For Organization:

Blank Table of Contents: Use this to keep assignments organized.

For Thinking, Reading, Writing, and Speaking:

Lesson Materials:

  1. Quotations on Revision (from Goodreads): Respond to one or more using cognitive strategies.
  2. Example Essay: Learning Friendship
    • Respond as a writer.  Write 2 comments: I like… One idea I have is…
    • Analyze with color. Shade the following: yellow = summary, green = textual evidence, blue = explanation or commentary.
  3. Learning Friendship Essay with RevisionWhat do you notice? Write your observations.
  4. Language Study
  5. Editing Checklist and Self-AssessmentScore your own essay and write two specific reasons why you think you will earn that score.
  6. Library Visit: Genres of Prose
  7. Best of the Writer’s Notebook Assignment and E-Book Template: Submission Due 1/22
  8. Peer Response SheetUse this document to get helpful feedback from classmates and other interested writers.
  9. Twitter Exit Slip
  10. Scholastic Scope January 2015 Password: GVEnglish 7 and Explanatory Handout


Ongoing Homework Assignments

  1. Read 30 Minutes Daily: Quarter Reflection and Books I’ve Finished Due 1/23
  2. Writer’s Notebook (Due Wednesdays): Anthology Submission Due 1/22

More for the Writer’s Notebook

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