Unit 2: What is Greatness? What Does It Take to Be Great?

Final Project / Assessment: Greatness Action Plan

Click the link for all reading materials and other texts on Greatness: Scoop.It! Greatness

All Classes

  1. Blank Table of Contents
  2. Twitter Exit Slip
  3. Brain-based Learning / Growth vs. Fixed Mindset Cornell Notes
  4. Word Study: Are You a Loser? (Periods 1 and 2 only)
  5. “Are You a Loser?” by Scholastic Scope and Simple Annotation
  6. Summary Frame
  7. You Can Grow Your Own Intelligence and Summary Prompt
  8. EDU 2.0 Workshop 1 / Google Slide Presentation
  9. Excerpts from Articles on Greatness
  10. Multiple Perspectives Vocabulary and Multiple-Perspectives-on-Greatness Slide Deck
  11. How Bad Do You Want It
  12. Is It or Isn’t It? Sentence Variety in Two Words
  13. Subject + Predicate:

Honors Only

  1. Elements of Depth and Complexity
  2. “Are You a Loser? Summary and RAGs
  3. Advanced Summary Template
  4. “What It Takes to Be Great” by Geoffrey Colvin (full text) and How to Annotate (Advanced)
  5. Vocabulary “What It Takes…” and Haiku Deck
  6. “Ditch the 10,000 Hour Rule” by Peter C. Brown (full text)
  7. Are You a Nerd or a Geek?

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