Last Week! June 4 – 7


Click HERE for the Unit 10: Digital Portfolio HyperDoc

Goals: Finish all elements of your digital writing portfolio. Polish, publish, and turn it in.


  • Book Talks: Last Chance!
  • iPad Return: 100% Thank you!
  • Digital Portfolio Project Due Wednesday, June 6
  • Last Day to Turn in Late Work: June 6–Request a Regrade or I’m Finished Form



Time: 11:15 -11:35: Digital Portfolios; 11:35-11:45 iPad Return; 11:45-12:10 Digital Portfolios; 12:10 Yearbook Distribution

#072 Digital Portfolio: Finish all Reflections

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.18.39 PM

#077 Exit Ticket in Google Classroom–What do you still need to complete on your portfolio? What questions do you have? What kind of support do you need?



#072 Digital Portfolio: Dear Reader

dear reader

Optional Additions

Optional Additions



#072 Digital Portfolio: Polish, Publish, and Turn in (in Google Classroom)

Read each other’s work and respond with positive feedback.

Publish Your Digital Portfolio

Open the #072 Publish Your Portfolio Doc in Google Classroom



Community Circle and Goodbyes

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