Wednesday, May 30: Wake-Up Wednesday & Revise Explanatory Writing

Click HERE for the Unit 10: Digital Portfolio HyperDoc

Goals: Revise, edit, and reflect on the explanatory piece you wrote this year (e.g., Guide to Happiness). Add it to your portfolio.


  • Book Talks–Friday, June 1
  • iPad return June 4
  • Digital Portfolio project due June 6
  • Workshop Time Noise Level–Whisper. Do not let your words intrude on others’ thoughts.


1) #075 Starter

Open #075 Starter on Google Classroom.  Read the directions carefully before you start.


2) #072: Digital Portfolio–Revise & Edit Your Explanatory Writing.

Before you start, open the directions by click the image below or in Google Classroom: #072 Digital Portfolio

Digital Portfolio Screen Shot

Next , find your explanatory writing in Google Drive. For most students, this is the “Guide to Happiness” we wrote for Unit 3.

You can search by the word “Happiness” or follow this workflow: Google Drive > Classroom folder > English 7 folder

Follow the directions below to revise and edit your work:

Revise & Edit

Click HERE for how to change the sharing settings to “anyone with the link.”


3) Add the explanatory writing Doc to Your Portfolio Site and Write Your Reflection

Click HERE for how to add a Doc to your site.

On the Narrative page for your site, write a reflection responding to the question below:

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.18.39 PM


Homework: Charge iPad, Finish revising and editing your explanatory writing

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