Monday, May 21: Quarter 4 Reading Ladder Reflection


Click HERE for theUnit 9: Among the Hidden website.

Goals: Participate in book talks by jotting down next reads or giving a brief talk recommending your book.


  • Return Among the Hidden today. Take a photo of the page you want to read aloud.
  • All library books due May 25.
  • iPad return June 4
  • Digital Portfolio project due June 6


1) #069 Agenda

Click HERE to open the class assignment calendar. Copy this week’s assignments into your GVJH agenda. Press MARK AS DONE for assignment #069 in Google Classroom.


2) Book Talks

Either jot down ideas in your My Next Reads list or give your own book talk.


Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk


3) #070 Reading Ladder Reflection (Quarter 4)

Open your #BookLove Reading Log in Drive. Complete the reading ladder reflection for quarter 4.

Make sure to include a Potential Goal for Readers in the Set Goals section.



4) Start #066 Voice Actors Wanted! Assessment (DUE THURS. 5/24)

Today your main priority is to choose the passage you want to read aloud. Take a photo with your iPad so you can practice reading it.

You will make your recording on Flipgrid. Download the Flipgrid app from self service. You will find the join code in Google Classroom Assignment #066.





5) Return Among the Hidden

Leave your book with me. I will take it to the library. Remember, you should have taken a photo of the part you want to read aloud.


Homework: Charge iPad, Finish Voice Actors Assessment (Due Thurs., May 24)

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