Friday, May 18: #BookLove and Revise Thought Log

Goals: Read. Track thinking. Elaborate. Revise.


  • Book Talks—Today, Monday, and Friday Sign-Ups
  • Continue reading your self-selected book—Monday, May 21 Reading Ladder Reflection
  • Download Flipgrid app from Self Service
  • Start Voice Actors Wanted! today and finish Monday


1) #067 #BookLove Reading Log 

Complete your #BookLove reading log in Google Drive.
When you finish, MARK AS DONE.



2) Book Talks

If you are not giving a book talk, take notes on your Next Reads list.


4) Revise #058 Thought Log 



Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Finish #066 Voice Actors Wanted Assessment(Due Monday end of class)

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