Thursday, May 17: Finish Among the Hidden & Revise Thought Log

Click HERE for theUnit 9: Among the Hidden website.

Goals: Read. Track your thinking. Practice reading aloud with feeling. Make connections between the “hero’s journey” and your own life.


  • Tomorrow–> Voice Actors Wanted Assessment
  • May 21 Quarter 4 Reading Ladder Reflection
  • Book Talks Tomorrow 5-18 and Monday 5-21
  • Return Among the Hidden Tomorrow
  • ASB Election forms available in the front office or room 307–You may run for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or sergeant at arms.
  • iPad Return June 4 (in English class)–To purchase your iPad apply at


1) #065 Starter

Open #065 Starter in Google Classroom or click HERE.


3) Read Among the Hidden.

Stop at least two times to practice your voice acting. Remember, your assessment is Friday.

4)Revise #058 Thought Log 

After you revise, choose one entry to be evaluated for an assessment grade. Highlight that entry.



Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Practice for Voice Acting Assessment (Tomorrow). Return ATH Tomorrow.


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