Wednesday, May 9: Wake-Up Wednesday & Read Among the Hidden

Click HERE for the Among the Hidden Unit 9 website.

Learning Targets: Form interpretations with “That Statements.” Refer to the text. Elaborate on your responses.  Revise your work.


  • Book Talks Schedule
  • Calendar Change: Mini-Quiz 2 Tomorrow
  • Continue Independent Reading at Home


1) #062 Wake-Up Wednesday on Socrative

Open Socrative and login to ENG7RM402. Watch the Wake-Up Wednesday video and write a response using the cognitive strategy ANALYZING AUTHOR’S CRAFT.



2) Read and #058 Thought Log

Continue reading Among the Hidden. Track your thinking as your read.

Take a few minutes to practice your reading fluency. See the graphic below for tips.

Voice Actors Wanted

After reading for 25 minutes, open #058 Thought Log in Google Classroom.

Write today’s Thought Log entry. Start with That Statements, which help you form interpretations about a specific passage in the book. Include the page number you are referring to.


Work on elaborating your response. Say more than you normally would.  Spend two minutes revising what you wrote.


3) Debrief


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Continue Reading Your Self-Selected Reading Book, Thought Log Check Tomorrow (May 3 – May 9)

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