Thursday, May 3: Track Your Thinking


Goals: Read and track your thinking. Write at least a paragraph in response to what we read. Practice reading aloud with feeling.


  • Renewed books?
  • Missing Work: #022 Visible Poem, 1 argument
  • Visible Poem Published!


1) #055 Starter

Open the #055 Starter in Google Classroom. When you finish, MARK AS DONE.


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 1.47.04 PM

2) Read from page 15 (~20 – 30 minutes)


3) Voice Actors Wanted

Choose a passage from what we read today. Find a section of the book with dialogue and interior monologue or description. Read with feeling several times—to yourself and to a partner. Take turns reading with your partner until both of you can read without mistakes.

Your goal is to increase your fluency by—

  • Reading at an appropriate pace and volume.
  • Pronouncing words correctly.
  • Pausing at punctuation.
  • Modulating, or changing, your voice to show emotion or to emphasize specific parts.


4) #058 Thought Log

Open your copy of  #058 Thought Log in Google Docs. Track your thinking from what we read today. Click HERE to see the “Track Your Thinking” prompts.


5) Debrief


HW: Read, Charge iPad, Complete ATH Thought Log

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