Friday, April 13: #BookLove & PAT Time

Goals: Read. Track your progress. Participate in Book Talks.


  • Late Work: #044 Weekly Pages 14 (Request a Regrade) &  #043 (Request a Regrade)
  • STAR Test on Monday
  • Quarter 4 Book Talks–>#048 in Google Classroom.
  • #YouCanLearnAnything Starter–>Click HERE to some 4.o responses.


1. Read, #049 #Book Love Reading Log, & Book Talks

Read for 15 minutes.

Complete your #049 #BookLove Reading Log. MARK AS DONE in Google Classroom.



Participate in book talks by giving a talk or by jotting ideas on your My Next Reads list.

See the graphics below for how to give a book talk and for how you will earn points.



2. PAT

If you completed the activities for #043–Watch Out: Cell Phones Can Be Addictive, you have earned a PAT (Preferred Activity Time). Thank you for your respectful behavior with the substitute.

NOTE: Some students still need to complete #044 Weekly Pages 14 about the same article. I recommend you complete that assignment before you start your PAT.


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, SBAC Testing Begins Monday (Go to Sleep Early & Eat Breakfast)

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