Thursday, April 12: SBAC Interim (Performance Task)–Part 2

Goals: Read the task for part 2 of the SBAC performance task. Analyze the task by constructing a Do / What chart before you start the essay.



1. #045 Starter: Complete today’s starter in Google Classroom. See your classmates’s responses. MARK AS DONE.

If you missed class today, you can see the #Wake-Up Wednesday video HERE. Respond with the cognitive strategy Making Connections.

2. SBAC Performance Task (Practice)–Part 2

If you are absent you cannot make this up. You need to be in class, so I can activate the testing session. If you want to practice on your own, you can use the SBAC practice site HERE (log in as a guest and choose the grade 7 practice test).

Homework: Read 30 minutes, charge iPad

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