Monday, April 9: STAR Reading Test

Goals: Plan your week by writing assignments in your agenda. Monitor your reading progress (STAR Reading Test). Read.


  • SBAC Testing–Practice over the next two weeks. Multiple-choice ELA test starts April 16. Practice Performance Task on Wednesday.
  • 4th Quarter Booktalk will count for an assessment grade. Click HERE to sign up.
  • MARK AS DONE or TURN IN everything in Google Classroom.
  • Substitute Tomorrow: Read and respond to article assigned on–>Login with school Google account.


1.  #042 Agenda: Open the Unit Calendar in Google Classroom. Write this week’s assignments in your Agenda. MARK AS DONE.


3. #043 STAR Reading Test

Go to . Click on the STUDENTS tab. Click on STAR Test Student Log In. Please WAIT quietly for further instructions.

NOTE: If you are absent, you will be called to the library to make-up this test.


4. Read


3. Debrief & Exit: Two Truths & a Lie!


Homework: Read 30 minutes, charge iPad

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