Friday, April 6: #BookLove & Community Circle

Goals: Read. Track your progress. Participate in Book Talks and a Community Circle. Use appropriate discussion techniques as you speak and listen.


  • LATE Work: #037 Weekly Pages 13 (Request a Regrade) &  #039 #ReadingWithoutWalls Challenge (MARK AS DONE)
  • STAR Test on Monday
  • Practice SBAC Performance Task Wednesday


1. Read, #040 #Book Love Reading Log, & Book Talks

Read for 15 minutes.

Complete your #040 #BookLove Reading Log. MARK AS DONE in Google Classroom.


Participate in book talks by giving a talk or by jotting ideas on your My Next Reads list.


2. Community Circle

Participate in a community circle. Click HERE to see the slides we use to start the conversation.


3. #041 Exit Ticket (Socrative / ENG7 RM 402)

EVALUATING: What do you think about your #ReadingWithoutWalls book so far? Explain.


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Bring Book Tomorrow

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