Thursday, March 21: Reading Ladder Reflection for Quarter 3

Click HERE for Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc

Learning Targets: Track your reading progress for third quarter. List books from easiest to most challenging. Set specific goals for next quarter.


  • Absent Yesterday? Read the blog. Publish one poem
  • Due Today #026 Weekly Pages 12: Google Classroom > #026 > MARK AS DONE
  • Friday 3/23 Book Talks


1) Starter: Golden 10 

Open Google Classroom and assignment #024 Golden 10: Weekly Work Chart.

Read the directions.

Spend 10 minutes on late work or “To do if I have time…”


2) # 029 Quarter 3 Reading Ladder Reflection

Open #029 Reading Ladder Reflection Quarter 3  in Google Classroom. Read the instructions.

Choose one goal from the Potential Goals for Readers. This goal must be in your reflection.

Read my example below as a mentor text.


3) #022 Poetry Workshop HyperDoc: Publish

Open #022 Poetry Workshop in Google Classroom.

Open the link to the Poetry Workshop HyperDoc.

Scroll to Publish and read the directions. Watch the video tutorials (on the #VisiblePoem Slide Deck) to get started.



3) Debrief & Exit Routine

Open the #03assignment in Google Classroom. Answer the questions below:

Socrative / ENG7RM402

MONITORING: How many books did you finish this quarter? How many books have you finished this year?


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Read, Charge iPad, #029 Reading Ladder Qtr. 3, #022 Publish Free Verse Poem


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