Friday, March 16: Write Your Own Rhyme

Click HERE for Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc

Learning Targets: Read. Update your reading log (track your progress). Show what you know about poetic terms on a quiz and in a rhyme.


  • Absent Yesterday? Check the blog and complete the Flocabulary What Is Poetry? VOCAB and READ & RESPOND
  • Book Talks Monday 3/19


1) Read and Update #BookLove Reading Log

EXAMPLE for 3/16


2) Flocabulary: What Is Poetry? QUIZ and CREATE

  • Study your VOCAB flash cards to prepare for the quiz. It will count as an assessment grade. When you are ready, press QUIZ to take the quiz.
  • CREATE your own rhyme using the poetic terms. Watch the How-to video in Flocabulary before you start. Your rhyme must show you understand the meanings of the poetic terms. Press Save when you are done.
  • If you finish early, revise your argument draft  and complete the Request a Regrade form (see tabs above) or go to and work your assignments.

NOTE: If you earn lower than 70% on the Flocabulary QUIZ, please study your flash cards and Request a Regrade.

Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Flocabulary: What Is Poetry? (QUIZ & CREATE)

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