Thursday, March 15: Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Similes, and More!

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand Site

Click HERE for Unit 7: Poetry Workshop HyperDoc

Learning Targets: Analyze the author’s craft with an animated poem. Learn and practicing using poetic terms.


  • Absent Yesterday? Check the blog and start the What Is Poetry? Flocabulary lesson.
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment
  • Regrade for Written Argument (Due Today): Revise based on my feedback. Request a regrade (lower than 3).
  • Book Talks Monday 3/19


1) Starter: Golden 10 (Revising Your Argument Draft from Feedback)

Complete today’s weekly work chart. Spend 10 minutes on late work or on To do when you are done.


2) Flocabulary: What Is Poetry? VOCAB and READ & RESPOND

  • Complete the VOCAB flash cards. Include illustrations.
  • Next, complete the READ & RESPOND section.
  • Study your VOCAB flash cards to prepare for the quiz. You can take that today or tomorrow. It will count as an assessment grade.
  • If you finish early, revise your argument draft  and complete the Request a Regrade form (see tabs above) or go to and work your assignments.


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Flocabulary: What Is Poetry? (VOCAB, READ & RESPOND), study VOCAB flash cards

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