March 12: Meet in the Library for a Poetry Read-Around

Image: Christy Birmingham via Flickr

Learning Targets: Read. Participate in book talks. Read a few poems from different poetry anthologies.


  • Absent Friday? Check the blog, Make-Up Speech, Turn in Argument Draft to G Classroom
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment
  • Regrade for Written Argument: Revise based on my feedback. Request a regrade (lower than 3).
  • Congrats to Argument Speech Winners! (Stay Tuned)

1)  Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the full month view and active links, click Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.

3) Book Talks

4) Make-Up Argument Speeches & Congratulations to the Winners!

5) Poetry ReadAround

Spend about 4 minutes with each book. If you like one, you can check it out.

6) Browse & Checkout or Renew Library Books

After you finish browsing and checking out books, sit down and read.

6)  Exit & Debrief

Socrative / ENG7RM402–> EVALUATING: What book are your reading? Why did you choose it?

Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Revise Argument from Feedback, LATE written arguments

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