March 8: Take a Stand! Speeches

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand! Site

Learning Target: Give your speech with appropriate volume, pronunciation, and eye contact. Listen and take notes on your classmates’ topics and whether you agree or disagree.


  • Absent Yesterday? Plan your speech.
  • Argument Help: YouTube “Think Alouds” on  Unit 6:Take a Stand site
  • Take a Stand! Speeches today and tomorrow
  • Book Talks Tomorrow
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss assessment in Google Classroom


1) Golden 10

Open your Weekly Work Chart in Google Classroom. You have 10 minutes to work on your Golden 10. If you are done, skip to the last row.


2) Give Speech / Listen to Classmates and Take Notes


3) Debrief and Exit


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Practice Giving Your Speech / Late Argument Essays (Turn in to Google Classroom)

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