Monday, March 5: The Counterargument = Argue Back

Click HERE for Unit 6: Take a Stand Site

Open book and reading workshop text

Learning Targets: Read. Participate in book talks. Address the counterargument to your claim.


  • Absent Yesterday? Read Friday’s blog, complete #BookLove reading log, write Argument body paragraphs
  • Book Talks This Week
  • Make-Up: Monitor & Discuss Assessment
  • Quiz Retakes: You will take a second quiz today (Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning). Your score will be the highest of the two.


1) Read


2) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the full month view and active links, click Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.


3) Write Your Argument

As you write your argument today, keep the counterargument in mind. Your goal is to think ahead about how people disagree with your claim in order to prove them wrong.

Here is one graphic that might help you with structuring your essay:


4) Exit & Debrief (Quiz Retake)

If you are absent and you want to retake this quiz, email me or send me a message over NEO.


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Finish Your Argument

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