Tuesday, February 20: Analyze the Prompt & Choose a Topic

Learning Targets: Analyze a writing prompt. Evaluate potential topics and choose one.


  • No Weekly Pages for the next two weeks
  • Mid-Quarter Progress reports out this week

1) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the full month view and active links, click Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.


2) Starter: Golden 10

Complete today’s weekly work chart. Spend 10 minutes on late work or on To do when you are done.


3) New Unit: Take a Stand (Argumentative Writing)

Take a few minutes exploring the Take a Stand site. What questions do you have?


4) Argumentative Writing Prompt

Open the prompt in Google Classroom. Read and analyze the prompt. Complete the Do / What Chart.


4) Choose a Topic

Click on the tab for Topic on the Take a Stand site. Browse the topic ideas. Complete the Google Form with your top three choices.


5) Debrief & Exit Routine


Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Choose a Topic

Late / Make-Up Work: Newsela #2,  Summary #2, Writing Seeds 1,2 & 3

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