Wednesday, February 7: Wake-Up Wednesday & Bullying in Sports

Goal: Read the second opinion article on Newsela. Read, annotate, write, and take the quiz.

1) Starter

Go to Google Classroom and open today’s starter. When you finish, click See Previous Responses. Be prepared to share your own response or someone else’s.

WEDNESDAY (EVALUATING): Watch the “Wake Up Wednesday” motivational video. What is the speaker’s claim about cell phones? Do you agree or disagree?


2) Mini-lesson: Workshop Norms

Go to Google Classroom and open the Workshop Norms assignment. Take notes on the slide that has been shared with you. You may write on the PDF or open it in Slides.


3) Unit 5: What Makes a Good Argument?

Click HERE to open the Unit 5 HyperDoc.

Your goal today is complete Newsela Article #2: Analyzing Author’s Craft and Evaluating

If you finish early—

  • Complete Weekly Pages 10 (due Tomorrow)
  • Choose an activity from What to Do When You Are Done.


3) Debrief & Exit Routine


Homework: Read, Charge iPad, Weekly Pages 10, Finish Newsela Article #2 (Bullying in Sports)


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