Friday, February 2: Library Book Checkout

Goals: Participate in book talks Check out books. Read.


  • Thank you for finishing Newsela article #1: Read, annotate, write, quiz, and Google Classroom discussion
  • If you are not done with Newsela article #1, please complete it for homework.
  • If you have a library book from our last visit, turn it in or renew it today.
  • Look forward to “Two Truths” as part of our debriefing time today.
  • iPad Roster: How many students forgot their iPads? How many have damaged or not-working iPads / keyboards? How many students forgot to charge their iPads?

1) Reading Log

Take out the book you read this week and open your #BookLove Reading log. Record your reading progress for this week.



2) Book Talks

Listen to book talks and write the titles that interest you on your My Next Reads app (in notes).

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk

3) Browse, Checkout, & Read

4) Debrief & Exit Routine

Homework: Read. Charge your iPad. Bring your Book tomorrow. If Needed, Complete Newsela Article #1

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