Tuesday, January 31: Is Social Media Bad for Young People?

Goals: Read and respond to an opinion article from Newsela. Analyze the author’s craft. Add your own opinion to a class discussion.


  • Book Talks Friday 2/2
  • Missing Work (Mostly Good!): 1 Reading Log, 1 Would You Rather? (Weekly Pages 8),  1 English Journal
  • I’m Finished! Tab = If you complete a task from the “What to Do When I’m Done” list, fill out the I Finished Something form to receive credit.

1) Starter

Open the starter in Google Classroom. Answer today’s question. When you are done, choose See previous responses to see your classmates’ answers.


2) Reading Arguments: Social Media’s Effects…

Open the Unit 5: Reading Arguments HyperDoc. Read the Planning and Goal Setting task.


Read the task for Newsela Article #1. If you have not finished replying to the annotations, do that first. Today’s goal is for you to write to the prompt and take the quiz.


When you finish the Newsela quiz, go to Google Classroom and write your own opinion on the discussion post titled, “Evaluating: Is Social Media Bad for Young People?” Use evidence from the article and from your life to answer the question.

After others have responded, press See Classmates’ Answers. Write academic responses to at least two classmates.

4) What to Do When You Are Done

  • Finish Weekly Pages 9
  • Choose an activity from the What To Do When You Are Done list on the right sidebar.


5) Debrief

Homework: Read, Charge Your iPad, Weekly Pages 9 (Due Tomorrow), Finish Newsela Article 1 (ALL)

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