Monday, January 29: Reading Workshop

Goal: Read and keep track of progress. Participate in book talks. Start writing weekly pages 9 (your choice). Participate in a community-building activity in order to build stronger relationships.


  •  5 winners for most persuasive Would You Rather? speeches
  • AbsentFriday? Complete your reading log and send me a message (email or NEO), so I can assign points.
  • Bring fully charged iPad daily
  • Turn in missing / incomplete work:
    • 2 Would You Rather? Speeches
    • 3 Missing Weekly Pages 8 / English Journal
    • 2 Missing Reading Log Entries

1) Reading Workshop

Read for 15 minutes. Participate in book talks by either presenting or by listening and adding to your My Next Reads list in the Notes app.

Open book and reading workshop text


Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk


2) Agenda

Copy this week’s assignments in your agenda. For the full month view and active links, click Assignment Calendar in the right sidebar.


3) Make-Up Would You Rather? Speeches

4) Weekly Pages 9

Click HERE to see writing ideas for your weekly pages. I recommend practicing with one of the following ideas to practice with argument writing:


Set up your English Journal with today’s date and weekly pages 9 on the top of the Doc.



Homework: Read & Bring Book, Charge Your iPad, Weekly Pages 9 (Due Thursday)





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