Friday, January 26: Would You Rather? Mini-Speeches Day 2

Goal: Read and keep track of progress. Participate in book talks. Say an argument with a clear claim, support, and a consideration of the counterargument. Listen to your classmates’s arguments.


  • Missing Weekly Pages 8
  • Absent Yesterday? Complete the starter, and be prepared to give your speech. Complete the starter.
  • Bring Fully Charged iPad Daily

1) Read

Open book and reading workshop text



2) #BookLove Reading Log

Fill out your reading log for this week ending in 1/26. Make sure your reading log is in your English folder in Drive.

3) Book Talks

Requirements for 60-Second Booktalk

4) Mini-Argument Speeches


Read the speaking tips below to prepare for your mini-argument speech.

As you listen to your classmates’s speeches, take notes on what you hear. You will vote on the top three most persuasive arguments. Take notes on the top of your English Journal Doc.

5) Vote & Debrief

Go to Google Classroom and open the voting form. Vote for the top 3 most convincing speeches.

Final Question: What makes a good argument? Give at least three ideas.

Homework: Read & Bring Book, Charge Your iPad





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